YMMV / The Raccoons

  • Awesome Music: Run With Us, Don't Fear The Fire, Here I Go Again, Ain't No Planes... let's be honest here, the entire soundtrack is this, and most of them are guaranteed to be Ear Worms.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: When Cyril celebrates the seeming departure of most of the cast in "Opportunity Knocks!", Cedric comments, "I haven't seen him like this since he evicted Grandma."
  • Covered Up: Lisa Lougheed managed to do this to much of the show's soundtrack.
  • Fanon: The names of the three Pigs. Fans often use the names Lloyd (Pig 1), Floyd (Pig 2) and Boyd (Pig 3). Kevin Gillis says that their names are Lloyd, Lloyd and Floyd. However, on the show itself, each of the three is, at some point, referred to by name by one of the two others as Lloyd (meaning that all three are named Lloyd).
  • Germans Love The Raccoons
    • The UK and Ireland loved it too.
  • Growing the Beard: The series gradually shifted from clichéd plots and characters in the early seasons to much better writing in the later ones that had real soul and originality and took creative dares for a kids' series. The only problem was that they never changed the opening sequence, so the intro still portrayed Cyril as evil and Bert as a cartoonish klutz.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: While the outcome of ''The One That Got Away'' serves as a harsh reminder about taking care of the environment, it is made worse by Bentley's observation at the end: "It's up to us! WE'VE got to change things!" Years later, one might notice that we haven't been doing a good job at it so far. Of course, the same could be said for any environmental message made in any era.
  • Heartwarming Moments: See the page for specific examples.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Ralph's brother and sister-in-law are called George and Nicole. This was a while before Broken Sword was developed.
    • In The Artful Dodger!, Ralph is seen putting on a ridiculous French accent whenever he tries his hand at cooking. Then in Moving In!, it's revealed that Ralph's sister-in-law Nicole speaks with a proper French accent.
    • A lot of fans notice that Sophia Tutu bears a almost creepy resemblance to Katy Perry.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Milton Midas being responsible for the contaminated water hole in "The One That Got Away".
  • Narm: The series has its fair share of Narm moments, some of which could arguably count as Narm Charm:
    • In the episode "Moving In," Lisa, unable to cope with moving away from her old neighbourhood, lashes out at her parents and lets her Wangst out in front of everyone at the dinner table.
    "I have no friends anymore, I miss my school, I hate this house! Nobody cares what I think! None of this would have happened if you hadn't lost your job!"
    • Not to mention her mother's reaction, especially with her thick French accent.
    • The early specials are not much better:
    • In The Raccoons on Ice, there's the entire scene where the Raccoons and Sophia Tutu sneak into Cyril Sneer's mansion to try to convince Cedric to play on their team against Cyril's. A particular highlight: When Cedric (who has a different, incredibly whiny voice in the specials) worries about getting into further trouble with his father, he whines, "I've already been grounded for a month...and no chocolate pudding!!!" The Narm factor is upped by Sophia's response:
      "Cedric, this is bigger than chocolate pudding!"
      • At the end of that scene, when Cedric chickens out after being threatened by Cyril again, Sophia responds by apparently dumping him on the spot, exclaiming "Cedric Sneer, your heart is as cold and hard as a hockey puck!" and taking away the picture of her on Cedric's nightstand. The delivery of the line, and Cedric's whiny sobbing afterward, make it pure Narm.
    • In The Raccoons and the Lost Star, any time Sophia Tutu opens her mouth is potential Narm. For example, whenever Sophia says something like "Oh no, how dreadful!" or "That's terrible!" in a moment meant to be sad....
      • When Cyril Sneer ambushes Cedric and Sophia to kidnap Sophia's puppy Broo and get his hands on the lost star, Sophia believes that Cedric led her into the trap (which he didn't know about) and returns his gift of chocolates, saying in the Narmiest way imaginable, "I'll never be able to look at a chocolate again!"
      • The scene where bad guys take Broo away from Sophia, and Cyril gets his hands on the star. Overly dramatic music plays; Sophia tearfully exclaims, "You leave Broo alone, you bullies!"; we see a menacingly grinning bear henchman from Broo's P.O.V., reaching for him, his shadow cast over Broo; and finally, Cyril taking the star from around Broo's neck and exclaiming "My star! At last!" as the music reaches crescendo. The whole bit is overly (melo)dramatic and instant Narm.
      • Sophia tells Cyril, "You're a beastly, horrible...BEAST!"
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Especially prevalent in some of the earlier episodes, particularly during the scenes at the top of the Evergreen Mountain in "Going It Alone", as well as in one scene in "The Runaways". Also not forgetting the haunted house in "A Night To Remember".
    • "The Evergreen Election" ends with an unnerving extreme closeup of Cyril's slightly bloodshot angry eyes glaring at the viewer.
  • One-Scene Wonder: This show was full of characters that appear only during one episode and never to be shown again, but sometimes the plot they bring could be quite significative and touching, even serving for Character Development for someone from the main cast.
  • Shipping: Bert and Lisa.