Funny: The Musketeers

  • Porthos' Establishing Character Moment; he (apparently impossibly) beats a Red Guard at cards, is accused of cheating, fights the armed swordsman off with a fork and laughs his way through the whole thing. Athos slams the guy on the head and Porthos scoops up his winnings... and Athos forces him to reveal that he does actually have cards up his sleeve.
    • Athos' Establishing Character Moment; he wakes up with a massive hangover, in a room full of empty wine bottles and promptly sticks his head in a bucket of freezing water. What makes the scene is that the bucket is frozen over at first, prompting Athos to punch it open before sticking his head in.
  • Whenever Aramis is in the presence of a woman, expect him to turn on the charm.
    • Also the fact that he almost seems to revel in the fact that his charm gets him nowhere with Constance.
    Aramis: *staring at Constance walking off after she has slapped him* God! I love that in a woman!
    Porthos: Passion?
    Aramis: *grinning* Violence.
  • Porthos is wounded, ready on the operating table and Aramis asks Athos to "prepare the patient". He punches Porthos in the face. Bonaire is obviously shocked, but the two just shrug it off as "the only way to deal with Porthos".
  • Constance is threatened by a man the musketeers brought to her home (who heavily lampshades her and D'Artagnan's Unresolved Sexual Tension). After saving her, D'Artagnan asks if he could do anything to make it up to her. She tells him that her husband can't know, leans in close, everyone holds their breath and... she asks him to teach her how to fight.
  • "Are you the new cook?"
  • When Milady reveals that she plans to recruit D'Artagnan to their side, Richelieu sarcastically replies "You left him alone, holding a bloody dagger, facing the noose. What kind of idiot would overlook that?"
  • While out drinking together, Aramis puts a melon on top of his head so Porthos (who's drunk as a skunk) can shoot it. Before Porthos does, Aramis straightens his mustache.
    Athos: Don't worry, he's made this shot a hundred times.
    D'Artagnan: He's drunk.
    Athos: He's never made it sober.
    • Directly after exploding it with a perfect shot, Porthos suggests they try it again. Blindfolded.
  • Same episode: After meeting Porthos the night before in the bar, then d'Artagnan and Aramis the next day:
    Drunken barfly: Izzit... raining musketeers outzide?
    • -What sells it is her nonchalant delivery.
  • Same episode again. The fact that Porthos carried a melon around with him for the entire night. He grabbed it as he left his party, got even more incredibly drunk at a bar, and then carried it out with him. The next day he tried to use it in a fight with the guards.
  • The scene between Constance and Aramis during the rescue of baby Henri in 1.06 is an equal mix of hilarious, heartwarming and awesome with deadpan snarking from both of them. Constance's irritation at Aramis continually undermining her hard won revelations about the baby's grandmother is also cute. And when Constance defends the Musketeer and child with Aramis' sword, the reactions of both Aramis and the enemy mook that she trounces are absolutely priceless.
  • In general, every word that comes out of Cardinal Richelieu's mouth when he's in full-on Deadpan Snarker mode.
  • King Louis' disappointment when he's advised not to hunt:
    Louis: Being king can be so boring. *slams door* IT'S SO UNFAIR!
  • The usually stoic Athos having a mini Freak Out when he finds out Aramis and Queen Anne slept together.
  • Captain Treville being interrupted by Aramis and Porthos during Athos funeral.
  • In the second season premiere, Monsieur Bonacieux receives a summons from the Palace and takes great pains to tell Constance to keep quiet in case she exposes her 'lack of education' to the King. He soon finds out that: a) it was the Queen who summoned them, b) it's Constance that she wants to see, and c) she wants her to live in the Palace as her confidante instead of going back to the Inn.
    Queen Anne: *to Bonacieux* I trust there won't be any objections?
    Bonacieux: ....
  • This exchange from 2.01:
    D'Artagnan: *sneaks up to a woman about to undress for a bath* Please don't be alarmed.
    Lucy: Oh my God, keep away! *backs up*
    D'Artagnan: Don't worry, I'm a gentleman.
    Lucy: You're undressed!
    D'Artagnan: Not for your benefit, I can assure you. *gestures behind him, where there's a partially hidden man lying face down, who he'd knocked unconscious and had started to strip*
    D'Artagnan: N-no, he's unconscious!
    Lucy: *horrified staring*
  • In 2.06, as everyone's preparing to return to the palace after their torment at the hands of Marmion, Constance declares that she loves D'Artagnan and kisses him in front of everyone. Louis, who's been playing with the Dauphin, looks up and rather disinterestedly asks "isn't that woman married?" When Queen Anne confirms she is, Louis shrugs and goes back to the baby.