Headscratchers: The Musketeers

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     A Rebellious Woman 
Given that it's evident the Countess had access to the King and Queen at virtually mere insistence, why exactly did she ask a servant's daughter to try to deliver her letter/request? Seems to me the whole incident which kicked off the plot could easily have been avoided with a little common sense.
  • I assume she had the idea that the servant's daughter would put a human face on it, for the queen. Go for the emotional, make it more difficult to dismiss it as a noble and well off women's pipe dream.
    • I was under the impression that Ninon didn't actually ask the girl to deliver the letter. When questioned, she said she knew nothing about it. So apparently the girl was acting of her own volition, and just made a complete mess of it.

     Knight Takes Queen 
So why did Cardinal Richelieu order the assassination of the Queen in the first place? Not having children doesn't seem to be a good enough excuse (even the Cardinal argues that she's young and that there's enough time). And even though it can be argued that he was merely following the implied wishes of the King, it's obvious that Louis is very drunk and shouldn't be taken at his word at that point in time. Not to mention that Queen Anne is the daughter of King Philip III of Spain (historically, anyway), and the union is obviously politically important. And while Cardinal Richelieu is no fan of Spain, the assassination attempt has too many risks involved, one of which can result in the further deterioration of Franco-Spanish affairs. And of course, by the end of the episode, not only do the Musketeers know that Richelieu was involved in the attempt on the Queen's life, but the Queen herself knows of his treachery.
  • Stranger things have happened in reality. The parallels to the assassination of Thomas Beckett, for example. However in this case, Louis seemed particularly insistent in changing to the rich girl and we've seen throughout the season that his marriage is not outwardly warm (although it is apparently deep) and that he really needs the cash. That alone would be enough to have the Cardinal put the moves on, and in politics of that era there was no way that even Louis was going to come out and be explicit in an order to off Anne, that was as clear as it would ever get. Yeah, he should have been more cautious, but the opportunity to carry this out was time critical so he didn't have the time to be anything less than bold; and on the face of it a troop of experienced mercs that outnumber the Queen's bodyguard 3-to-1 ought to have prevailed (after all as good as he is, not even Richelieu knows about main-character shields).
  • When actually tricked into confessing in the next episode he reveals, it stemmed purely from his fears that if the king was to die suddenly, France would be plunged into a civil war. Though its seems plausible several other factors mentioned above also played a part in his decision.
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