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Heartwarming: The Musketeers
  • A minor one but in the first episode when Treville arrived to arrest Athos, Aramis and Porthos immediately place their hands on their swords, prepared to fight if needed for their friend.
  • "I would ask you to come with us ... but you already have a family."
  • D'Artagnan finally becoming a Musketeer in 1.08. He visibly tears up as King Louis inducts him into the Regiment.
  • In 1.09, after spending half the episode flirting with the daughter of a high-ranking German chancellor, and drunkenly complaining to Richelieu that he 'wishes the Queen was dead' so he can remarry and finally produce an heir (which was all the excuse the Cardinal needed to try to assassinate her), the subsequent reunion between King Louis and Queen Anne after her rescue is one of the few moments we see where they do care about each other on some level.
  • Most of 1.10 is made of this. D'Artagnan calls Athos his best friend when refusing to kill him for Milady. The Musketeers laugh at each other and 4-way hug after a fight, and Porthos tears up at Athos' fake funeral. Even though he knows it's fake.
  • "One for all. All for one."
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