Trivia: The Musketeers

  • Actor Allusion: According to the mob in Emilie, Santiago Cabrera looks kind of Spanish.
  • Fake Nationality: Being a BBC production, inevitably all the main roles are played by British actors. Except Aramis who is played by a Venezuelan-born Chilean...so, not French in any case.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • Apparently, Roslin Frey was wrangled off from Edmure Tully and remarried to become the Queen of France.
    • And Selyse Baratheon is her mother-in-law!
    • Ethel is still a browbeaten single mother.
    • Bonacieux is Michael Jackford
    • Jane Seymour is the one that gets unjustly put on trial for witchcraft due to political intrigue not unentirely of her own making. Somewhere, Anne Boleyn is laughing herself sick.
  • McLeaned: Richelieu is killed off in the gap between the first and second seasons, due to Peter Capaldi leaving the show to play the Doctor in Doctor Who.