Funny / Murdoch Mysteries

  • In the episode "Invention Convention", when Brackenreid is going to the dentist, actually physically being coerced by his wife of all things, Crabtree comes by, gives him the report of the status of the case, then runs off with the apple Brackenreid was gonna have as a reward. Later comes the Call-Back from Brackenreid as he thanks Crabtree for him giving the report and running away from the dentist.
    • Especially funny because he'd been expecting Constable Higgins, who he'd bribed/ordered to call him away due to a made-up emergency and get him out of having his tooth pulled.
  • In the episode "Who Killed the Electric Carriage?", Inspector Brackenreid finds out that his wife (who's been giving him a hard time about his drinking) and other ladies from bloody Temperance League participate in bloody gambling, so he orders Constable Crabtree to arrest everybody in the bloody den. The following exchange has perfect comedic timing and is complete with hilariously ominous music.
    Constable Crabtree: Sir? What? Even your wife?
    Inspector Brackenreid: Especially the wife!
  • Inspector Brackenreid comments on one boy's poetry in his letters, and casually asks Murdoch whether he ever wrote something like that. Murdoch says that he's not much of a poet, but he recalls composing and being proud of a rhyming couplet when he was a young boy... on their family dog. Inspector's face goes from mildly amused expression to an extremely excited one, and then he just gets visibly disappointed. Murdoch's one-liner after the beat is priceless: "He was a very well-behaved dog."
  • Murdoch is explaining to constable Crabtree that he's using a liquid, testing whether there is blood on a bullet. If there is, the haemoglobin will cause the reaction. George nods and just repeats that yes, haemo-GOBLIN will do that. Oh, George...
  • Murdoch nearly drowns in a room on a boat that is slowly filling up with water. He is saved by Dr. Ogden after she and Brackenreid drag him out of the water. The first thing he says? "I lost my hat."
  • In the epilogue of "Murdochophobia," Crabtree is delighted when a previously-thought-dead spider that he grew a liking to throughout the episode, comes back to life. Brackenreid proceeds to drop off some papers for Crabtree to go through. Right on the spider.
  • In the episode "The Knockdown", the scene with the ferret as a bloodhound, especially when the ferret climbed up Murdoch's trouser leg.
  • In the 7th season episode with the tunnelling thieves, Crabtree assures a somewhat exasperated Murdoch that he knows "there are no North America"
  • In "The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch," William and Julia have dinner with the actors playing them. William's actor envisions William all wrong ("but how does it affect you?"), while Julia's actress complains that William and Julia's friendship is not exciting enough for a "modern woman." Julia remarks that an actually modern woman shouldn't be defined by her relationship to a man.
  • At the end of the episode "Bloodlust" Julia has a rather steamy fantasy moment about William, which is then interrupted by Darcy, her husband to be entering the scene who asks her "Have you given it to the detective yet?" (Referring to the wedding invitation), much to her initial confusion.
  • The entirety of "The Keystone Constables," though special mention should go to the ending, wherein Murdoch sets up Julia with a handmade whoopee cushion.
  • In "The Curse of Beaton Manor" Murdoch goes to discuss a case with Julia and she complains that she hasn't even had her tea yet but allows him to draw her into a discussion about using puffer fish poison to fake your death. Julia comments that using it would probably result in brain damage because "The brain requires a constant flow of oxygen..or tea!"
  • In "Marked Twain", Crabtree convinces Higgins to interview a suspect ten miles out of town, a task the recently superior Higgins wanted to delegate to Crabtree, by hinting that he can console himself by gazing at an attractive woman lives who nearby, to visitor Mark Twain's amusement.
    Mark Twain: Too bad you don't need a fence painted.
  • In season 10, after a successful flight in a gliding suit, Murdoch exclaims repeatedly to James Pendrick, "I FLEW!", with a goofy grin on his face.