Funny / The Exorcist

2016 series:
  • This exchange at the Rego's trailer. Marcus is absorbed in a web search and Cherry is trying to get his attention:
    Cherry: Yo! Colin Firth!
    Lester: Colin Fitrth? No. It's more like a scruffy Alec Guinness...
  • While on a break during the first Rance exorcism in Chapter 5, Father Tomas is watching Father Marcus sketch over the pages of his bible (a sacreligious act and a big no-no, to be clear):
    Father Tomas: Isn't that the Book of Revelation?
    Father Marcus: *shrug*
    • Becomes a Brick Joke in the last episode with Bennett.
    Father Bennett: Desecrating the Bible is a sin.
    Father Marcus: Redacting, not desecrating.
    Father Bennett: There's a tree right there.

1973 film:
  • This line of dialogue
    Burke Dennings: Shall we summon the writer? He's in Paris.
    Chris: Hiding?
    Burke Dennings: Fucking.
    • Even Fr. Karras laughs at that one. In the book, Chris notices, and it's one of the reasons she has an instinctive liking and trust for him.
  • The scene where Regan is talking with Chris about her relationship with Burke
    Regan: But ya like him.
    Chris: Of course I like him. I like pizzas too, but I'm not gonna marry one.