Nightmare Fuel / The Exorcist

The Exorcist

  • "Tubular Bells". Just... that excerpt from Mike Oldfield's album will haunt you.
  • Start with the idea of your 12 year old daughter being possessed by a demon and stabbing herself in the crotch with a crucifix.
    • And there's the several flash frames of the insanely demonic-looking face of Pazuzu, shown on the right.
  • Father Karras's Nightmare Sequence where he is in the streets trying to pursue his mother as she walks down the subway towards her upcoming death. What makes this scene even more unsettling is that there is little sound aside from the quiet ambience along with a brief flash of the demon's face added for good measure.
  • Imagine what it was like to be Regan. Remember the words "Help Me" appearing on her skin? It's probably a very good thing she doesn't remember anything of what happened.
  • The animal-like growling and moans Regan makes when she is possessed.
  • Regan's change in appearance towards the film's climax. There's a reason why we have that infamous picture of her as the main photo on the Nightmare Fuel/Film index page.
  • The description of Burke's death where he has been found thrown outside the window with his head rotated 180 degrees.
  • The Unreveal of whether Pazuzu was impersonating Damien's mother, or channeling her from Hell.
    • Fr. Merrin, the exorcism expert, believes the appearances of Mary and Burke and the "three personalities" Karras thinks are present are just more of Pazuzu's deceptions and "there is only one" demon.
    • Besides, Mary was very devout in her faith and proud of her son being a priest. She would be in heaven.
  • The movie doesn't even need anything supernatural to be terrifying; witness the scene of Regan getting a carotid angiography.
    • Not to mention the fact that one of the background characters, the surgeon's assistant who preps Regan for her carotid angiograph, was played by Paul Bateson: a Real Life Serial Killer. Yes, that mild-looking guy with the very 70s mustache who sticks a needle in Regan's neck was later convicted of bashing a man's skull in, and admitted to his cellmates that he'd done so to five others.
  • The Scene in the altered cut where Regan goes down the staircase walking on all fours in an unnatural position and vomits blood
  • In the book, Pazuzu mocks Karras for injecting Regan with so much Librium. He tells him (correctly) that he's going to induce a heart attack in the girl if he continues to.
  • You don't even need a demon for this to be nightmare fuel. Imagine yourself as a parent, watching your child deteriorate steadily, knowing full well that there's nothing you can do about it, and even the doctors with their medical expertise can't seem to figure out what's wrong with her, and how to help her.
  • Regan matter-of-factly telling an astronaut during a party, "You're gonna die up there". (Her urinating right after was creepy, but the way the line was delivered... brrrrrrrr.)
  • Regan reaching her arms in the air and howling as a statue of Pazuzu appears next to her bed and vanishes.
  • The way Regan's eyes glow as she levitates to the ceiling, still and silent. After all the yelling and cursing the demon does before it is quit creepy in how silent it is in this one scene.
    • Fairly certain those are simply the whites of her eyes, rolled back into her head.
  • This rare trailer for the film was banned for being too disturbing for audiences, it would contain flashing images of the faces of the demon and the possessed girl. Watch at your own risk!
  • When Father Merrin arrives at the MacNeil house, we see a closeup of Regan's/Pazuzu's face, as he senses his arch-enemy approaching. Once the priest enters the house, a demonic voice reverberates through the house, "MERRIN!!"

The Exorcist II

  • Father Philip actually punches his way into Pazuzu!Regan's chest and crushes her heart.

The Exorcist 2016 Series
     Season 1 
  • You remember the creepy neck twist in the movie? It's played straight into REALITY, as in Episode 2 we see a boy Marcus was trying to exorcise attempt the neck twist only to die halfway! Even Pazuzu tries to it on Casey and almost succeeds.
  • The Friars of Ascension. To explain, they're a cult that intentionally lets themselves become possessed and murders a slew of people to start up a ritual to summon a demon, all while planning to kill the Pope.
  • Episode 10: Pazuzu's vision of Tomas's grandmother to him. Eugh...
    • The hammer scene. Basically explain, Pazuzu decides to torment Henry, Casey, and Kat with a hammer. He almost makes Casey smash the hammer on Kat's knee, with the threat of ripping Henry's arms out of their sockets! The scene becomes so intense that Kat simply takes the hammer from a cowering Casey and smashes her kneecap to spare Henry! HER FUCKING SCREAM!!
    • YMMV, but there was something unnerving about how Pazuzu pleads for Regan to come back to him after he's defeated. It's nearly as though he's making himself out to be a victim after everything he's done to the poor woman, her family, and countless others.
      • "RAGS!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Season 2 
  • How about when Andy hallucinates Grace and Nikki? Special mention goes to the hallucination of bees crawling out of his chest.
    • The Grace hallucinations is pretty terrifying, especially when you remember that all the scenes she is in just featured her interacting with Andy.
  • In a show full of Body Horror and Demonic Possession, one of the scariest things is Harper's mother, a normal human woman who brainwashed and poisoned her child into believing she was possessed.
  • "Help Me" featured some unnerving imagery in regards to Andy's exorcism, from the demon constantly repeating the death of Andy's wife to him and having darker versions of the kids saying they're glad Nikki died to ''seeing demonic versions of Father Tomas and Marcus torturing him.
  • In a homage to The Exorcist III, we are treated to the same jump scare shot of the nurse's decapitation but with the newly possessed Bennett.