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Nightmare Fuel: The Exorcist
The Exorcist

The Exorcist II
  • Father Philip actually punches his way into Pazuzu!Regan's chest and crushes her heart.

The Exorcist III
  • The Dream sequence; it has a very eerie, tranquil while sounding off key feel to it at first and then gets frantic and more overtly horrifying right before Kinderman wakes up.
  • Nurse Keating's death, one of the best Jump Scares ever.
  • In one scene, a statue transforms somehow with lighting into a Monster Clown with a dagger.
  • The Gemini Killer knows how to Hannibal Lecture better than the Trope Namer. Listen to how he's able to cut someone's head off without a single drop of blood being spilled. His description is worse than seeing it.
  • The exorcism scene; it may only be there due to Executive Meddling, but at least the crew had the decency to make it downright unsettling.
    • particularly horrifying is when a statue of Jesus being crucified is desecrated to mock the murder of Thomas, a young boy.
    • That wasn't a part of the added scene. You'll notice Father Morning is nowhere to be seen.

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