Awesome / The Exorcist

1973 Film
  • The mother gets a big one in her speech to Karras, who after examining Regan feels that more treatment is needed, proves that she is a mix of Mama Bear and Determinator.
    Chris MacNeil: "You show me Regan's double, same face, same voice, everything. And I'd know it wasn't Regan. I'd know in my gut. And I'm telling you that thing upstairs isn't my daughter. Now, I want you to tell me that you know for a fact that there's nothing wrong with my daughter, except in her mind. You tell me for a fact that an exorcism wouldn't do any good. You tell me that!"
  • Father Karras, after seeing Father Merrin has died—possibly at the hands of the demon—regains his faith, demands the demon enter him and when he realizes the demon will use him to kill Regan, sacrifices himself by jumping out the window.
  • Merrin himself is made of awesome. He drops what he's doing in Woodstock just so he can save a poor soul (In this case Regan.) from the demon. As soon as he arrives, he takes control of the situation and mentors Karras giving him advice and even provides a mental anchor when the Demon tries to psyche out the younger inexperienced Karras.

2016 Series
  • The closing moments of the pilot, where Tubular Bells suddenly starts up and Father Marcus puts on the iconic hat before heading out to work.
  • As bad a sign as it is in the long run, it's pretty hard not to cheer when Casey gives into her possession while a sexist jerk is harassing her, causing her to crush his balls with one hand and then claw his chest to pieces.
  • During the exorcism at the house, the demon tries to get into Father Marcus's head by dredging up horrible childhood memories, cruelly impersonating his mother and father. Just when it looks as though it worked, like he might break, Marcus turns back to the demon with a humorless grin:
    Father Marcus: Is that all you've got?
  • The reveal at the end of the actual exorcism that Angela is none other than Regan MacNeil...and her mother has just arrived looking for her.
  • Marcus blessing an entire lake in an attempt to baptize the demon out of Casey.
    Father Tomas: You're asking me to lie.
    Father Marcus: I was this close at the Rance house. I got it swimming laps in the lake. God is in me. Yeah. Lie!
  • While obviously a Hope Spot for things to get worse, Marcus and Tomas being able to exorcise Casey by using what is implied to be Father Karras' last rites. That's impressive.
  • No mention of Father Bennett fighting off the two possessed men and holding a pretty impressive fight without so much as a stab to the shoulder? Bonus points when Bennett is able to exorcise a man too.
  • How does Episode 9 end with Angela/Regan/Pazuzu attempting to kill Casey as punishment to Kat and Henry for not submitting to him? Tomas barges into the living room, glares at her/him and bluntly says "Get the hell away from her".
  • A purely villainous example, but there's Angela/Pazuzu marching into a meeting of the Friars of Ascension and bringing them to heel (and note that several of them are possessed, too). She also gives Maria Walters a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech about why she was never chosen for possession.
  • Marcus barges into Father Simon's hotel room, pistol whips him, and then tortures him with a bathtub full of holy water.
  • Angela's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of freaking Pazuzu in the season finale.
    • "You want me?! COME AND GET ME!
    • Also, major kudos to Angela for surviving having her spine snapped and the whole ordeal in general.
  • Tomas breaks free of a demonic illusion designed to goad him into suicide by owning up to his flaws and failures, and sticking to his faith. He then gets up, and faces the demon down.
    "God absolves you. (Pulls out a crucifix) The power of Christ compels you!" (The demon is thrown across the room)
    • Even more so what he tells the demon this:
    Tomas: These things do not make me weak. They make me what I am.
    Pazuzu: And what is that?
    Tomas: An exorcist.
    • Angela's exorcism in general is awesome, the apartment is being wrecked, Tomas is giving all it's got to rid Pazuzu out of Angela, Angela floating as the exorcism happens, all while combined with Angela FINALLY wrecking Pazuzu after all the torment he gave her and her family.
  • Marcus shoots down Simon's attempt to recruit him, tricks Maria Walters into accepting possession by a demon that was going to got after him or Bennett, thus giving them a chance to kick some Satanist ass and escape, and then proceeds to chase down and kill Simon, just in time to save the Pope.
  • Marcus dismantling an abusive mother's claims that her daughter is possessed, putting all the pieces together about how she faked it for the police.