Awesome: The Expendables

These movies are full of crowning moments of awesome.

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    The Expendables 
  • The scene in the church. In the trailer, last only a few minutes, but just to see three of the biggest 80s action stars in the same scene = Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • The best moment is the threat Mr. Church makes to Barney Ross - where he warns Ross not to run off with his money, saying that his people will come after their people. Ross, being Ross, looks utterly bored by the threat.
    • Mr. Church is himself a walking moment of awesome. He shares a room with both Trench and Ross, and still comes off as the most dangerous man in the room. Ross and Trench even seem to be aware of it.
  • At the end of Ross & Christmas' recce of the island, Ross jumps for the seaplane as it's leaving the dock - he misses, but catches the edge of the hatch, and drags himself inside. And then, as they're leaving, pissed off at everything, they decide to turn around and give the army a taste of their own medicine. Christmas climbs out from the nose hatch, hits a switch, and unloads with the .50 caliber machineguns as Ross brings the seaplane in for a strafing run. And once the strafing run is finished, Ross dumps jet fuel on top of the dock, as Christmas fires a flare gun into the fuel/air mist. The dock blows up. Then they leave.
    • Also a meta Moment of Awesome for Stallone, who saw a worker climb out of the hatch of the seaplane the day of filming, and came up with that sequence on the spot.
  • Lee Christmas vs the Jerk Jock posse - no contest.
    • "Next time I'll deflate all your balls, friend".
  • The end of the car chase between Ross and newly-turncoat Gunnar. Wham and BAM.
    • The preceding hand to hand fight between Yin and Gunnar is also very, very awesome, with both men making maximum use of their body types and the environment.
  • If it's not the point in the Cold Open when the Expendables manage to get the drop on pirates in their own ship, floating in the sea someplace, it's the point at the end when they plant bombs all over the general's palace with impossible coordination and timing. They're not just about Stuff Blowing Up. These guys know their shit.
  • Hale Caesar's Big Damn Heroes moment, saving the rest of the crew with his AA-12 in the palace tunnels.
  • The scene with the entire team running into the yard guns blazing in true action hero fashion.
  • Ross convincing Hale to throw a mortar shell at Munroe's helicopter, using a handgun to blow it up. And it WORKS.
  • Lee and Yin's finisher on the Brit.
  • The final fight between Toll Road and Payne, which ends with Toll kicking Payne into an oil fire to kill him.
  • The whole movie is a Crowning Moment of Awesome simply by existing. LOOK AT THE CAST!!!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Nowhere has the use of "The Boys Are Back in Town" been more appropriate.
    • Mountain, Creedence and Thin Lizzy on the soundtrack? You're spoilin' us, Sly!
    • And "Diamond Eyes" by Shinedown. Commissioned by Stallone himself for the soundtrack, but sadly not in the actual film, because there's only so much kickass an audience can handle in one sitting.
    The Expendables 2 
  • The Expendables, minus their heavy weapons, are pinned down by a small army of the Sangs, including a T-72 tank. They're running low on ammo for their smaller weaponry, the enemy is closing in on all sides...and then the Sangs start dropping left and right, mowed down by an unseen attacker. The tank is destroyed by a missile, and the Expendables emerge, dumbfounded, before turning to see Booker, played by Chuck Norris, striding through the smoke like the living personification of pure badass.
  • In the first film, Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger appeared on screen together for the very first time. How do they top that for the sequel? Having all three grab guns and blast dozens and dozens of terrorists into bloody chunks. It took close to thirty years, but we finally got to see three of the biggest action stars of all time finally join forces in a shootout, and that alone makes it one of the greatest things ever seen in an action film.
    • Arnold + AA12 with drum magazine + a hundred Sang goons = pure epic.
    • The scene where 3 panels of tinted glass shatter from gunfire behind them, revealing Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis to be the ones standing behind the said panels, side by side, guns blazing, would have put every fan of any of the three action stars in Euphoria. Making that shot last any longer would have caused major heart attacks in the theaters.
  • The first fifteen minutes of the sequel alone is worth the price of admission. From the Expendables' entrance, to their other entrance to the escape on the plane, to all the other awesomely-crazy stuff in between, it's probably the single most badass sequence in all of action movie history. It says something that, during this sequence of awesome, that launching a motorcycle at an attack helicopter, which would be the crowning moment in the other, saner, and lesser action movies, is barely mentionable.
    • Within this scene, Jet Li manages to get his moment to shine when, finding out he has run out of bullets, proceeds to use two frying pans as melee weapons and beat the utter crap out of five Mooks.
    • Billy the Kid's first scene involves him sniping half a dozen goons in seconds, and afterward he's calmly plugging enemy soldiers on moving boats from miles away, sometimes blasting through multiple targets with a single shot.
  • The fight scene when they take on the Sangs raiding the village, but especially the fight within the church, with Christmas pretending to be a priest, and making an incredibly lame pun sound badass.
    "I now pronounce you man and knife."
  • The team's rescue of the enslaved villagers, seconds before they were to be executed. One moment, the Sangs are readying their weapons as the terrified men and boys pray for their souls, and following one sharp whistle to get their attention, every last Sang has been swiftly blown to Hell in a quick spray of gunfire.
  • The entire airport battle at the end, with all of the Expendables, plus Church, Trench, and Booker showing up to mow down hundreds of the worst kind of East European militia scum in increasingly badass moments.
    • One notable moment of the whole thing is Christmas' fight with The Dragon, ending with him beating the crap out of him with his brass knuckles before punching his face through the tail rotors of a helicopter.
    • The movie's crowning moment goes to the final fight between Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Van Damme gets his moment to shine when he takes several of Sly's attacks without showing much damage and then proceeds to beat Sly down with his iconic Helicopter Kicks (giving Sly two for good measure), and even engages in some Evil Gloating as he demands Sly get up and be a Worthy Opponent, before throwing Sly over a railing. However, Sly eventually turns the tables, and beats Van Damme with a chain, and then kills him with the same knife that killed Billy.
  • On that note, how Villain kills Billy is suitably over the top as well. Rather than simply stabbing him, which would be too boring, Villain has his lieutenant hold the knife out so he can roundhouse kick it right into Billy's chest.
    • Billy himself gets one for choosing to Face Death with Dignity. Despite having a lot to live for and being so close to walking away from the mercenary business for good, he shows no hesitation in urging his teammates not to cooperate with Vilain.
  • Can't beat a classic.
  • Two words: "ONE MORE!!!"

    The Expendables 3 

  • During the final battle, Lee Christmas goes on a rampage where he kills about a dozen bad guys by himself - in under a minute.
  • Drummer getting into a midair dogfight with a pair of helicopter gunships, in just a Huey. And winning.
  • Barney vs Stonebanks. Barney wins by channeling his inner Rocky Balboa, street fighting-flavor.