Tear Jerker: The Expendables

  • Billy's death, that is so excruciating and made quite one of the things that became personal for the team.
  • Tool's monologue in the original and Billy's in the second, when they both reveal what made them the shell shocked veterans they are now.
  • There's a certain recognition of the passage of time at the very end of the sequel, when in an extremely meta moment, Barney comments on his new plane, "That belongs in a museum", to which Trench replies "We all do." A recognition that their age is coming towards an end.
  • In the third, Galgo's actual backstory is this. His former team was in a rescue mission similar to the one he and the Expendables are in, all went bad, and he was the only survivor.
  • Still in the third, Caesar being shot and the events that ensue, leading Barney to fire his team so that they will live. The latter part doubles as a moment of Heartwarming.
  • Doc being stunned that most of his comrades in the original team were long gone by the time Barney and the others saved him.