Funny / The Devil's Carnival

  • Alexa Vega trying to do a promo for the pre-order of Devil's Carnival... with her Repo castmates repeatedly interrupting the shot.
    • Some choice dialogue from that scene includes Paul Sorvino's "drunken" slurring of "What are you lookin' at?!", Bill Moseley's "choking" on a piece of pizza, spitting it out while complaining it's disgusting, then nonchalantly offering Alexa a piece and ohGr having a merry old time with an app that makes fart noises on his phone.
    • Actually, the fact that Bill Moseley has pizza. We still don't know who ordered it.
  • "A rebel in Hell. How original."
  • In a dark way, the Scorpion's song. He sings that the Tamara should trust him just like he trusts her, while he's strapping her to a wall so she's unable to escape. Way to fail a spot check, Tamara.