Fridge / The Devil's Carnival

Fridge Brilliance
  • Some considered it a waste that Emilie Autumn doesn't say a thing aside from her song, but when you consider her character is The Painted Doll, it makes sense.
  • All three main characters "drown"—Ms. Merrywood (as the dog in the story), Tamara (as the frog), and John ("drowning in the grief of Jupiter's waters:)—all leading up to the final The Stinger song, "In All My Dreams I Drown".
  • Painted Doll's song isn't just about the lesson Tamara failed to learn. It's the lesson she herself learned (as seen in Alleluia). Only her 'scorpion' was the Agent, who gained her trust, only to banish her to the carnival while making her care for him. And what ends up happening when their paths cross again? She makes him "drink a cup of my scorn."

Fridge Horror
  • Several people theorize that "In All My Dreams I Drown" is about rape.
  • That toy God threw away in the beginning when he screwed it up? Probably a person- after all, if there's one thing gods are known for, it's playing with lives...
  • If you really think about it, the movie(s) very much paint the picture of a Crapsack World. And not just the Carnival. Think about: Hell is - of course - not a very pleasant place, but Heaven doesn't seem very nice, either. So the mortals living in the world of The Devil's Carnival have basically just an eternity of suffering to look forward to...