Funny / Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

  • In T2, the Terminator gets its leather clothes from a biker bar. In T3, he does it in a strip club... with hilarious results.
    T-850: Take off your clothes.
    Gay biker: Patience, honey.
    (The Terminator walks up on stage, driving the bachelorettes wild)
    Gay biker: Whoa, bitch, wait your turn!
    T-850: Your clothes.
    Gay biker: Talk to the hand! (Terminator grabs it) AAAH!!
    T-850: (talks to it) Now.
    (The Terminator walks out, fully clothed, with the bachelorettes wooing him)
    • Followed by the Call-Back to the second film when the Terminator slowly pulls the shades out of the pocket of his jacket and slips them on... revealing them to be a sparkly pink pair with star-shaped frames. One Beat later he pulls them off, drops them on the ground and treads on them.
  • "Talk to the hand".
    T-850: John Connor leads the resistance to victory.
    John Connor: How? Why? Why me?!
    T-850: ...Because you're John Connor. DUH!
  • The T-850 commandeering a fire truck, then stealing the T-X's truck.
    T-850: Get Out.
  • After going through a particularly rough ride in the back of her truck when escaping from the T-X:
    T-850: (Opens up the pet door to Kate's truck) Katherine Brewster? Have you sustained injury?
    Kate: Drop dead, you asshole!
    T-850: (Closes the door) I am unable to comply.
  • When Kate finally gets her hands on a gun and points it at the T-850, who, of course, is not concerned. In a panic, Kate pulls the trigger. The T-850 spits the bullet out of its mouth (revealing completely unscratched teeth), much to Kate's horror. The T-850 then just says: "Don't do that." and turns away.
  • This scene:
    T-850: I am looking for John Connor.
    Kate: If I tell you where he is, will you let me go?
    T-850: Yes.
    Kate: He's in a cage in the back of the clinic. *T-850 begins to close the doors* Hey! You said you'd let me go!
    T-850: I Lied. *shuts and locks the door*
    • Which as a bonus, is quite possibly, a Shout-Out to a famous scene in Commando with almost identical dialogue.
  • The T-850's reveal of installed human psychology.
  • Dr. Silberman, who was a psychiatrist in T1 and head of the asylum Sarah Connor was put in in T2, is sent by the cops to calm Kate in the cemetery. The funny bit was when he tried to assure Kate that it was just her minds playing trick regarding the Terminator.... But the moment he saw that exact same Arnold face he saw years ago in T2, he immediately bailed, as if saying "Oh, No... Not Again!!".
  • Sgt. Candy, the origin of the Austrian-accented Terminator.
  • After the Terminator tosses his ruptured power cell and causes a mini-explosion in the desert that rocks the truck they are driving:
    T-850: When ruptured, the fuel cell becomes unstable. Relax.
    Kate: [in the back] Help! Get me out!
    T-850: Relax!
  • The Large Ham acting of the guy John rear-ends with Kate's truck.
  • Two from the outtake reel; when the T-850, John, and Kate are making their way through the CRS complex, T-850 is leading the way - puffing on a cigar. And when T-850 and the T-X charge at each other before their fight scene, they stop - and waltz. The smiles on their faces, almost as if to say, "Oh, lovely to see you here," is what really sells it.
  • After John, Kate and the T-850 escape from the T-X:
    John: Do you even remember me? Sarah Connor? Blowing up Cyberdyne? Hasta la vista, baby? Ring any bells?
    John: What, do you guys come off an assembly line or something?
    T-850: Exactly.
  • The Terminator is a real mood-killer.
    T-850: Your levity is good. It relieves tension and the fear of death."
  • Once again, a hapless truck driver comes to the aid of a Terminator after a car chase. This time, the T-X is distracted checking to make sure her Arm Cannon is working, and the truck driver, noticing this, wisely turns around and bugs the hell out.
  • Gallows Humor from the T-850. When John says, "Thank you," it replies "We'll meet again." It sounds warm, but considering what happened when the T-850 first meets him in the future...