Funny / Terminator Salvation

  • When Marcus removes the glass from the truck during the mototerminator chase. Watch how he angrily puts down the axe.
  • When Marcus frees Blair from her tangled parachute on the high-voltage transmission tower, he cuts her lines and then swiftly catches her hand to prevent her to fall off the tower. Funnily, turns out that they are roughly six feet away from the soil, so Blair gently asks him to release her and lands quietly on the sand.
    • The entire rescue scene is played seriously in the novalization, in which the tower is very high above the ground and they even share a eye lock for some seconds while he pulls her up.
  • When the T-800 kills Marcus and goes looking for Connor the way the music builds up when it goes around the corner only to realise that Connor is gone. Coupled with the "objective not found" flickering on his robovision.