Funny / Sister Claire

  • This collab page with Go Get a Roomie!.
  • In response to comments on this page about how attractive Catharine looks, Yamino drew this.
  • Turns out Olga's Hulking Out powers come with a funny downside: Stretch marks.
  • The twins attempt In the Name of the Moon then flub their lines.
    Sister Olga: Shut up!! No one cares!!!
  • Rosalie on this page.
    "Is this what they call... DESTINY?"
  • The sheer Everyone Can See It nature of Jackson and Olga's relationship.
    Jackson: That cat has been out of the bag a LONG time.
    Oscar: ...A-hrrm.
  • A meta-example. A commentor known as RandomRedneck populates the comment section, leaving Incredibly Lame Puns in his wake. One of which made the normally reserved Ash actually say "For fucks sake."
  • Clementine trying to wear Marguerite's wimple.
    Marguerite: I do hope to see her again, the child and her antlers. Little Clementine. Perhaps she will remember to return my wimple.
  • Behold the Squish Face.