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Wild Mass Guessing for Sister Claire.

Claire is the daughter of a witch.
A silly WMG, but Claire adores cats, feels that playing with that one white kitty feels so right, and apparently was found on the eve of the last fight with the witches. After that eve, no witches have been spotted, which one of the Sisters refers to as a miracle. It'd be a nice twist for the new Mary to be of the very bloodline that started the whole war on God.

Gabrielle is not quite an angel...
She is a Fallen Angel. The company G.O.D.? Well, Lucifer did want to run the show... Also, arn't some demons described as looking like angels? Gabrielle's visits tend to get Claire into a lot more trouble than she'd normally get into. Also, the fish-people (merpeople?) seemed to be more devilish or fae than anything 'nice'... Also, how many 'names' does Gabrielle go by? The only angel I know of who has many names is a certain Fallen. Which would mean that...
  • As of late though, the backstory involving her puts her in a positive light, though it does confirm she was a Selkie, which would explain her connection to the underwater folk.

Claire is pregnant with an antichrist.
See: Gabrielle is not quite an angel. Now, first things first: "The Antichrist" is not Damien. An antichrist is pretty much a person that says they're a Christian but doesn't believe Christ is God. Following the other "route", the child would be false prophet that would screw up people's faith in God. The later would help the witches get an edge over their terrible losses in the war. The former, not so much. The misconception... yes.
  • If so, it'll be a major Wham Episode!
  • Jossed. She wasn't even pregnant to begin with.

Catharine is Claire's biological mother, and got pregnant with her in the same way Claire got pregnant.
There's been foreshadowing and hinting all over the place for the former, but the later would help explain why she, a nun, would have gotten pregnant. It would also create some interesting mirroring between their stories.
  • In a similar vein, her nickname for Claire is another hint. In another life, Claire's name was probably intended to be Clementine. This reasoning would explain why the Evil Cat always refers to her as Clementine. That's what Catherine sees her as inside.
  • Jossed, although there may be some value to the Clementine bit.

The Reverend Mother knows about Claire's pregnancy.
I doubt that none of the other nuns have noticed things, and the RM has shown a lot of interest in Claire since the whole Sister Cat thing. Maybe she has access to a prophecy or such that lets her know Claire's preggers with the Messiah, but hasn't shared it with the other nuns for the same reason that Gabrielle warned Claire not to tell any of the other nuns.

Gray And Gray Morality will be an enduring, major theme
So far, the comic's dealt with the Nun Vs. Witch war surprisingly realistically. The nuns clearly aren't evil, and while their enduring Knight Templar and Well-Intentioned Extremist tendencies aren't portrayed as positively, they are somewhat justified - Witches are dangerous, sometimes cannibalistic, and their numbers are returning. That said, Witches are not Always Chaotic Evil either, since we've also seen at least one faction that would rather just be left alone (except for that one guy) and the Witch Hunts involved burtal methods of torture and execution that were just as bad as those that the Witches inflicted. While some important pieces of evidence are missing, such as how dangerous the Witches were to the world at large, whether "G.O.D." was any better (and if so, how much), who started the war and so on, as of this posting neither side is shown to be much worse than the other, and both sides have their sympathetic angles, and Claire's final challenge will be to resolve a conflict that has no true villain.
  • Well it's been almost nine years and the comic still doesn't have an ongoing conflict or any real antagonist so you might have a point.

Claire is the reincarnation of the witch queen Clementine who led the rebellion, and Catharine is her younger sister
After the war ended, Gabrielle made sure Clementine was reborn as Claire so she could have a shot at redemption and play the role she was supposed to play before the war. Hints throughout the comic include that flashback, where children bullied Claire for her hair (red, like the colour of the witch queen), and Page 79 of the comic. As for Catharine, she's actually Clementine's younger sister, who chose to become a nun rather than follow her witch heritage. She took care of her older sister growing up, even going so far as to voluntarily become a Soul Jar for Grimm, who used to be Clementine's familiar before she became reincarnated.
  • The new Missing Moments comics shows that Catharine has some relationship with the witch queen, close enough that she buried her herself when she was killed and is still traumatized about it.
  • It's also been hinted that Marguerite knows or at least suspects this, since she suggested the name Claire — which means "bright", and it's implied she's the healer who met the Witch Queen as a child given how she reacts to the infant and calls her "A ghost".
    • Confirmed that Marguerite met Clementine, who was the Witch Queen.
    • You're partly correct. Claire is indeed Clementine's reincarnation, but Catherine is her older sister, Gabrielle isn't an angel and can't reincarnate people and how Claire was "created" is still unknown.

Lupo and Olga are connected
  • The signs are pointing to it since both lost loved ones at a young age due to the war. And it's possible that the Wolf Witches that killed Olga's mentor weren't doing it out of malicious intent but rather protective instinct ie: to protect a young Lupo. That's right, they could be Lupo's parents and Olga's memory is just self serving due to the trauma. Considering how we've lately been showcased how utterly Knight Templar the Helsing Branch is and the theme of the cycle of hatred on both sides. It wouldn't be a stretch.
    • The timing doesn't match up. Lupo's family was killed when he was a small child, nearly two decades ago, which would be about the same time Olga first met Jackson. Likewise, Olga is probably twice Lupo's age and she saw her mentor die when she was a teenager, so Olga's mentor was probably killed years before Lupo's parents.

An Unknown Force, possibly a demon, is manipulating the Helsing Branch
  • A recent Missing Moment story showcased that Gabrielle recognized something within the fire Abraham started at Mercy Abbey. This could mean there's a malevolent force we haven't seen yet that that could be manipulating the Helsing Branch into killing the witches, or just magick users in general, for a purpose. Maybe even the cause of the war and the death of the Witch Queen.

Abraham is doing what she does largely out of a misplaced sense of revenge.
  • Upon the discovery that Clemintine (and possibly Catherine) knew Abraham as Mother Abraham in the past. It can be surmised that the two sisters were taken to her abbey after their father died to live there. But whatever group that took them away on their ship came by, recognized Clemintine's potential for magic and wished to take her with them. Abraham said no but, if you remember the near kidnapping of Marie and Rosaline, the group wouldn't accept the answer. So they burned the abbey to the ground and took the two sisters by force. Abraham survived albeit with those wounds of hers, grew bitter at her lack of strength to stop them and vowed to destroy all witches, deeming them all evil. This might be why she uses fire in her "cleansings" as a twisted form of irony.
    • It's been revealed that Clementine was the one who accidentally scarred Abraham when her powers first emerged and Catherine's early fear of nuns suggests that the rest of abbey tried to kill them, forcing them to escape and inadvertently get separated at sea.

Clementine destroyed Thorum Mare
  • It has been shown in the live-writes that Thorum Mare gets destroyed by Shards, which Clementine was obsessed with helping. Likewise, it was also revealed that Clementine and Hanabi created a large light above Eden to help people find it and the map given to Hanabi showed that Thorum Mare was directly north of Eden. What if the light lured Shards to Eden and they overran Thorum Mare in the process? This would result in Clementine and other witches being demonized by the public and nuns going to war against them, ultimately ending with Clementine's death and the destruction of Eden.

Lupo is really a fire witch
  • The reason Lupo has so much trouble with transforming into a wolf is because he's really some kind of fire witch. One or both of his parents were, in fact, fire witches and he inherited their magick but was too young at the time to realize it. And the reason his fire magick hasn't developed is because seeing his family burned alive created some kind of mental block that keeps him from reaching his full potential.