Heartwarming / Sister Claire

Main comic
  • "Dear baby..."
  • The revelation of Sister Oscar being transsexual when she and the other nuns stop for a bath. Sister Olga tells her that her presence isn't a bother at all, and stops her from leaving.
  • This page. If only for the Last-Second Word Swap in panel 4.
  • Book 2 chapter 7: Marie empathizing with Claire through her experience of being a twin and assuring her that she's her own person and she'll always see her as Claire.
  • From the same chapter: Gabrielle hugging Claire, assuring her that she cares about her, and apologizing for having made her think otherwise.
  • A trio of reunions as Oscar and Catherine, Azi and Lupo and Oscar and the Twins all find each other again.
  • Continuing the reunion sweetness, with Claire.
  • Claire and Marie flirting like schoolgirls.

Missing Moments