Funny / Parasite Eve 2

  • What may or may not be intentional humour shows up subtly in odd places. Try examining the specimen cages in the underground lab in PE2. One of the text popups, for a cage containing a monkey that has chewed its own fingers off, reads something like: "This is a very disturbed monkey."
  • "I don't suppose I'll be fighting any giant cactus creatures?"
  • "Guess what this is?" "A warrant for your arrest?"
  • Check the nasty toilet in Dryfield. Check again and Aya will say "Do I have to look in there again?"
    • Other toilets inspire similar reactions. At one point, she notes one of the bathrooms has had it's toilet paper pilfered. She snarks that its "The Crime of the Century".
  • Douglas' curt answers to Aya's sincere, "I want to help" vibe can be absolutely hilarious.
  • "The last time I was to investigate a Creature sighting, it was just a guy in a fluffy chicken suit."
  • After rescuing Aya from the trash compactor and gaining her full trust, Kyle ends the conversation with "Come on, let's get out of this joint, it stinks. Or...maybe that was you?"
  • In general, Aya's certainly gotten quite snarky since the events of the first game.