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Awesome: Parasite Eve 2
  • The Marines get a CMOA by taking down the NMC's left and right, and they kick so much ass it verges on a Curb-Stomp Battle. Semper fi!
    • It gets better a few minutes later. Aya tells the commanding officer the story behind what's going on in Dryfield, and the guy believes her. Considering how often people in Survival Horror games don't believe anything the hero says, it's pretty damn awesome. Hell, he doesn't just believe her, he gives her the run of the camp, lets her buy weapons using what amounts to little more than fictional credit, and even has all of your storage areas collected into one convenient bin.
    • The best part about the above? The Marines aren't fighting NMC's, they're fighting Golems. The same laser sword-armed cyborgs that for the past thirty minutes or so have been giving you serious trouble, even with your PE powers get their asses handed to them by normal humans using superior firepower. Soldiers don't get much more super than the Marines, son.
  • Rupert Broderick, the second game's Badass Normal, gets a CMOA when he saves Aya's ass in the cafe of the Akropolis Tower.
  • Dryfield is infested with ANMCs, and the creatures might start to migrate any day. What does the President of the United States decide to do? He has the entire town blown up with a satellite cannon. None of that "Too Valuable to destroy" bullshit in Parasite Eve.
  • Pierce in the Non-Action Guy support, and you often have to save his ass from getting messed up, but his CMOA comes from the fact that by the end of the game he has been totally f'ed up by the NMC's, and he still heads through hell to help you out. His urge to help is so damn noble that he makes being a Determinator totally awesome.
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