Nightmare Fuel / Parasite Eve 2
Welcome to Dryfield, Ada.

Parasite Eve 2 took everything freaky in Parasite Eve and made it even worse.

Spoilers below.
  • Let's start with the ANMC's. You only catch a glimpse of the first one, in a room where an entire S.W.A.T team was ripped apart. When you finally run into your first one, it's in the final steps of murdering a S.W.A.T officer, who has had his arm ripped off and eye torn out. The thing attacking him looks like it has a human-like face twisted into a vaguely bird-like shape. Then you find out they can make themselves look like people. These S.W.A.T officers thought they were saving a group of terrified civilians, only to get ambushed and slaughtered when they transformed into monsters. The first time you see one do this little trick, you get the pleasure of seeing it in a lovingly detailed cinematic. (Though if you listen to the sound it makes at the end, it can become pretty hilarious.) From there, it just gets better.
  • The chasers, pictured. Those eyes...
    • This is taken to great effect in both cutscenes they appear in they slowly stare at the camera, this in turn makes it look like they are looking into your soul
    • The Blizzard Chaser boss fight is terrifying. Aya steps outside into a pitch-black night looking for Kyle, and notices a very strange red light... and suddenly you're thrown into a battle with a massive Chaser enemy, who is almost impossible to see unless you're standing right next to a lantern. After you kill it, you expect it to turn into orange goo and the fight to be over...when it suddenly stands back up after sloughing all of it's skin off and forcing you to fight it again, only now it's faster and its health has sextupled.note 
  • The girl in the Akropolis' diner.
    • Turns out she is a "Stranger" ANMC, which can temporarily mimic the human form...until they can't take the stress of keeping up the appearance any more and graphically, painfully shift back to their true form.
    • The Strangers themselves are pretty terrifying. They look like people, twisted into a bird-like shape. The worst of all are the "Odd Strangers", which while still monstrous, look the most human.
  • The animal testing labs in the Shelter.
    • The Apocalyptic Log you find in said animal testing lab detailing how a scientist named Bowman willingly undergoes procedures to become an ANMC. The researcher writing the log meets a grisly fate:
      "Bowman is quiet today; he seems to be in great pain. He whines that it is cold; he wants to be near the heater. When I refuse, he screams, disturbing the chimps. I let him out of the cage. He now stands 9ft. 3in. Tall. By the heater at last, he sleeps peac-"

      The handwriting changes on the next card.

      "Can't locate the ANMC that ate our researcher."
    • Furthermore there is no backround music in this room. Only the sound of trapped animals screeching, howling, and thrashing in their cages break the silence.
  • The final boss, especially its screaming/crying turning into horrible laughter at the start of the fight.
  • Everything about the "failed" monsters. Body Horror in the extreme. But the Mad Chasers take the cake. Desert Chasers that didn't make the cut, with shriveled bodies and a single malformed limb. Why are they called Mad Chasers? Because they cackle at you constantly. Then you shoot them, and they laugh even more.
  • Glutton. From its grotesque design to its slow approach right down to its instant death attack, it's one of the most memorable bosses from the game.
  • The Burner, a giant mound of flesh with a vaguely human face, a gigantic maw and what appears to be a flamethrower surgically grafted to its mouth/skull, complete with giant suture wounds, almost constantly making strange elephant-like sounds. It's capable of tearing apart buildings with its bare hands and is tough enough to shrug off even an anti-tank mine. And just when you think it can't get any uglier, you initiate stage two of its boss fight when you blow its face off.
  • Once you enter Neo Ark, you learn that every ANMC is a human who underwent controlled mutation. And apparently they all volunteered to be turned into these things. I don't know if that is better or worse than if it had actually been forced upon them. And this is presented to you in a bright, cheerful zoo that even includes activities for children.