Funny / Parasite Eve

  • Parasite Eve isn't a game meant for laughter, but when the titular Eve revives a T-Rex for the purpose of killing Aya, Aya's Oh Crap! reaction is hilarious — she even lampshades how completely crazy reviving a T-Rex is.
  • "What's the matter, Aya? Got something against little girls?"
  • Daniel punching the reporter in the first game.
  • Aya's date wussing out after Eve shows up.
  • The ending performance of the opera in the first game, where (when the guard brings out a torch) Maeda, Aya, and Daniels jerk up from their seats in horror because of what happened the last time there was a fire in Carnegie Hall, at the beginning of the game. The people sitting behind them ask the group to sit down because they can't see the show.