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Funny: Naruto: the Secret Songs of the Ninja
  • Getting to know Keiji's vision problems: first he goes to shake hands with Naruto and misses. Then he goes to shake hands with Sakura and gropes her. Her response is predictable.
  • Sakura can be surprisingly snarky at times:
    Sakura: <making note of the hundreds of shuriken Keiji is wearing on his body> Really?
  • Keiji demonstrates his Deathwind Shuriken by splitting one of the logs used for targets in half. Naruto and Sakura are impressed, until Keiji admits that he was aiming for the one a dozen feet to the left.
  • When Sakura offhandedly mentions the Aburame clan and the swarms of insects they host inside their bodies, Naruto finds himself somewhat disturbed by the information.
    Naruto: You mean for all those years in class, I was sitting next to a guy full of bugs and no-one told me?!
  • Akashi Tsuneo's failed attempt at defiance:
    Tsuneo: Besides, you may not think much of me, but Iím a ninja of Iwagakure too. So go ahead and do your worst! There's nothing you can do to make me talk!
    Tsuneo: I'LL TALK!

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