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Awesome: Naruto: the Secret Songs of the Ninja
  • Hinata, already in the depths of a Heroic BSOD over her surrender against Neji in the Chuunin Exam preliminaries, takes on and defeats a gang of thugs led by a renegade Iwa chuunin single-handedly, motivated by Naruto's faith in her. It's not even a close fight either, not one of them even lays a hand on her until the leader catches her with a paralyzing smoke bomb, which Hinata then fights off the effects of with sheer force of will to take him out with one devastating shot.
  • Wabisuke's plan to capture Kakashi was brilliant in its execution, forcing Kakashi to expend his strength fighting one of Wabisuke's clones until he backed right onto the blade of Wabisuke's poisoned dagger without even realising that Wabisuke (disguised as Kakashi's client) was an enemy.
    • Bonus points to Sakura for having the perceptiveness to see through the plan at the last second, even if it was too late.
  • Naruto's furious defiance of Wabisuke in chapter's 4 and 5, refusing to give an inch even as he's tortured horribly for days. There's a reason chapter 5 is called "the Song of Defiance".
  • Chapter 6 is one big Crowning Moment Of Awesome for the all of Team 7:
    • It starts with Sakura detonating 36 explosive tags simultaneously, throwing the town into chaos. Keiji opens up with a non-stop barrage of shuriken from such a long range that the Iwa-nin think they're under attack by a much larger force, while Sakura uses the commotion to try and free Kakashi and Naruto.
    • Naruto and Sakura go 2-on-1 against a highly skilled Iwa chuunin while Naruto's hands are still shackled behind his back. He calls for Sakura to throw him a kunai, which he catches in his teeth to fight.
    Kakashi: It's not smart to leave unfinished business.
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