Funny: Mickey Mouse Comic Universe

  • The story "Dalla parte sbagliata" (never released in English, unfortunately) has Mickey in a Banana Republic ruled by a fascist dictator. One of the locals warns him that asking questions around here can be dangerous. Mickey soon learns this the hard way: cue a jolly old lady talking his ears off about her family history up to the wee hours of midnight, with the exhausted Mickey noting: "I simply asked her what the time was!"
  • In "Mickey Mouse and the River of Time", the titular mouse teams up with Pegleg Pete to recover the Steamboat Willie. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The beginning. Mickey wakes up and finds Pete in his house, who's talking amiably with him and having breakfast without permission. What's hilarious is that Mickey keeps an expression that's best described as "I'm too sleepy to give a damn".
    • He then proceeds to call Minnie for help. It has to be read to be believed:
    Mickey: Hi, Minnie! Yes, but not right now! I'm here with Black Pete, and... (pause) No, I didn't capture him. (irritated pause; points the receiver towards Pete) Tell her.
    Mickey: (listens to the answer) AND I'M NOT BEING HELD HOSTAGE, EITHER!
    Pete: Want me to talk to her? (steals the phone) Hiya, Minnie! What? Yeah, I trust you! ...What's that? He really did that? You don't say! What a clown! HAR HAR HAR!
    Pete: That's right! What did I always tell you? Yeah, uh huh...
    Mickey: What? Are you talking about me?... ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!?
    Pete: Well, I gotta go! Maybe we can talk again sometime!
    • Pete's barge to recover the SW is The Alleged Boat. And he stole it. Then Mickey discovers that he stole it from a circus.
      • Then Mickey grabs the Idiot Ball and starts a bonfire on the barge.
    Pete: YOU MORON! You sank my first boat, and now you're burning up my second—you'll probably blow up my next one before we even leave port!
  • In the first issue of Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine we see a college-age Mickey and his room mate at a drive-in, talking loud enough to disturb the other public of the crime movie. So someone protested... And they revealed the identity of the culprit and how they guessed it, so they wouldn't disturb anyone anymore.
  • In one story, Witch Hazel learned that Goofy believed anything Gilbert told him, so she realized the key to convince Goofy she was a witch was to convince him. And Gilbert admitted that magic could could exist as he had no evidence of the opposite. Easy, right? Wrong: he's intelligent and cultured enough to give a scientific explanation for anything she does, and the one thing he couldn't explain away, namely conjuring a number of circus artist animals, was made unacceptable when the juggling octopus screwed up ("If it was magic, then everything would have been perfect").
  • In an Italian story (whose title we'll withold 'till the end of the entry so we won't ruin the joke), Pete was being tried for another caper, and the judge, seeing that his previous jail sentences had failed to correct his behaviour, gave him a rather 'interesting' form of penal labour: he enrolled him in the police. The whole Mouseton police laughed their collective ass of... Then O'Hara showed all his sadism by making him the partner of a new officer with Super OCD. The story's title is "Agente Gambadilegno, il Caso Č Tuo!", or, in English, "Officer Pete, the Case Is Yours!".

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