Funny / Lost in Space

  • From the episode "The Android Machine", after The Robot has bested Dr. Smith at Earth knowledge in order to be the teacher to Penny and Will, the Android VERDA interrupts him, asking him several questions about other planets which he is clueless about and asks if he can be a proper teacher to the children, he replies with:
    The Robot: ...I can lift heavy objects.
    VERDA: Oh. I see. But wouldn't you think that a teacher should know about ALL subjects?
    • She snatches his pointer as the Robot rolls away dejectingly.
      • Later on in the episode, Dr. Smith is moaning that he doesn't like VERDA. The Robot agrees with him. When Dr. Smith asks why The Robot doesn't like her, his response is:
    The Robot: She took my pointing stick.
    • And he says the above line again later when Dr. Smith is trying to convince the salesman to take VERDA away.
  • Will and The Robot discussing Sleeping Beauty in "Lost Civilization.
    Will: What ever happened after he kissed her anyway?
    The Robot: They were married and lived Happily Ever After.
    Will: Married? Happily ever after?!
    The Robot: You are correct. It does not compute.
  • Dr. Smith and his cousin being pursued by the gambling machine in "Curse of Dr. Smith".
  • Several moments in "West of Mars", as Smith trades places with his dangerous, Western-type Criminal Doppelgänger and nobody notices.
  • The episode "Two Weeks In Space" definitly qualifies as one. Here, Dr. Smith tries making the Jupiter II into a hotel to make money quickly with himself as the manager, Will as the bellboy and The Robot as...every other single position in the "hotel".
    • From the same episode, when The Robot is complaining about all the jobs that he has to do:
    Dr. Smith: You sententious sloth! Don't you realise that this is for the good of the ship?
    The Robot: I am also the elevator operator. So now, I beg of you, Dr. Smith...PLEASE LET ME GO TO SLEEP!

1998 Film Version
  • Will altering the holographic projection of his principal, making her look like a gorilla while talking to his mom.
    • A gorilla in a tiny bikini no less. And a bikini babe. And Rambo. And the principal is played by the original Maureen Robinson!
  • As Will looks for parts to Robot's new body.
    Will: Relax, Robot. I'm going to build you a new body. Mom always said I should make new friends.
    Robot: Oh, ha ha.
  • Most of Will speaking through the robot was funny, even in the direst of situations.
    Maureen: Get the hell out of there!
    Will: (speaking through the Robot) Mom says to get the hell out of there!
  • "I'm a doctor, not a space explorer."
  • The Robot is great at many things, jokes? Not so much.
    Robot: Will Robinson! I will tell you a joke! Why did the robot cross the road? Because he was carbon bonded to the chicken!
    Will Robinson: We've got a *lot* of work to do.
  • Doctor Smith's transformation into Jonathan Harris is complete.
    Smith: We're DOOMED!
    West: Man that felt good.
  • "I don't like the sound of that sound..."
  • Major West launching the ship:
  • "A million dollars in sophisticated weaponry...and I'd trade it all for a stinking can of Raid!"
  • This exchange:
    Will Robinson: Oh shit!
    Doctor Smith: A boy of your intelligence should never swear. (sees the problem) Oh shit!
  • And earlier, when Smith awakens on the Jupiter 2 and realizes it's already launched.
    Doctor Smith (Opens the window's shutters to reveal a field of stars): SHIT!