Awesome / Lost in Space

TV Series
  • Penny, having a magic belt entrusted to her, fending off a bunch of creatures who wanted it by activating its powers. It's a shame she didn't use it again.
  • Another early Penny moment was her calming down the invisible force "Mr. Nobody" after it attacks her family.

1998 Film Version
  • "A million bucks worth of weaponry. And I'd trade it all back. For a lousy, can of Raid."
  • "Never leave an enemy stronghold intact. One of your father's first rules of engagement."
    • Oh so true!
  • The original sleeker design for the robot was pretty awesome.
  • Maureen Robinson's epic verbal beat-down on Major West and Professor Robinson for their constant bickering, telling them to come find her when they're done hosing the deck down with testosterone.
  • John Robinson using one of Will's science fair plaques as an improvised weapon to fight "Monster" Smith. Sure he doesn't get in a fatal blow but, he was pretty badass for trying.
    "Monster" Smith: You should have killed me when you had the chance.
    John: You know, you're right. I couldn't kill the man... (readies his weapon and takes a swing) But I can kill the monster!