Heartwarming: Lost in Space

1998 Film Version
  • Will convincing the Robot to fight Smiths programing and help him and the others.
    • Heck, all the Will and Robot scenes are adorable really.
    Robot: Robot will save Will Robinson, Robot will save his friend.
  • Using the the ship's weapons as a signal flare, so West and the others could find their way back, awww.
  • Penny trying to console Will over their father not paying attention to them shows that despite her joking threats, she actually does care about her little brother.
  • John saving Future!Will from falling to his death.
    Future!Will: You could have taken the core and left before it was too late?
    John: I couldn't let you fall, you're my boy.
  • Future!Will forcing John into the time portal in order to save the others. Then his jubilation at the fact that the device actually worked.
    Future!Will: It worked!
    John: Come with us!
    Future!Will: ...I can't, only enough power for 'one person, one trip' remember? Take care of 'em, Will...

TV Series:
  • Will saying goodbye to Dr. Smith in "The Space Croppers". After all the crap Smith's done, Will still wants to be friends with him.
    • Even better, the look on Dr. Smith's face after Will walks away shows he's really going to miss Will.
  • Similarly, when Will asks Dr. Smith to be his Parental Substitute when it seems they're stuck on Earth together in "The Raft".