Funny / The Lost Coast Tapes

  • In the films beginning, Curtis refusing to go on the trip, and spending a good few minutes explaining why it's not a good idea for him to be in Bigfoot's territory. He then insists they take his nerdy friend Kevin. And they do.
  • This dialogue
    Kevin: So Sean sleeps with Robyn, and I'm stuck with Darryl ? I threw up, I burnt my arms, I mean that's bullshit!
    Darryl: He's got a point you know, between my snoring and her moaning, he's pretty much fucked.
    Robyn: Darryl, I'm not a moaner...I'm a screamer.
    Sean: So to make it clear, when she does scream, don't come help.
  • At another point, after a roll call, Robyn tells Darryl not to film her ass while she's walking away. He replies "Yes mame".