Funny: The Lost Boys

  • After finding out Michael is a vampire, Sam says "You wait till Mom finds out!"
    • Michael's attempts at denial are just plain pathetic.
    Sam: You're a vampire! I knew it!
    Michael: I am not!
    Sam: So what are you? The Flying Nun?
  • Also, Sam freaking out at Michael because Nanook bit him. Regardless of the fact that Michael's got a huge bite on his hand and that he's sweating like a pig.
  • "Don't kill anyone until we get back to you!".
  • The entirety of the dinner scene, particularly when the Frogs and Sam try to nail Max by putting an entire garlic in his food. Lucy's face just sells the whole thing.
  • Remember not to, "Vamp out".
  • "Who's got bad breath?" *Frogs and Sam freak out*. Cue shot of Nanook standing on the table breathing right in Lucy's face.
  • Edger gets in a good dig during Head Vamp Max's big reveal.
    Max: Just like one big, happy family. Your boys... and my boys.
    Edgar Frog: Great! The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch!
  • "How much do you think we should charge them for this?"
  • "The one thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach....all the damn vampires!"