Funny: Llamas with Hats

  • From the first episode: Caaaarl! That kills people!
    Carl: My stomach was makin' the rumblies that only hands could satisfy.
    Paul: What is wrong with you, Carl?
    Carl: Well, I kill people and I eat hands—that's two things.
  • From the second episode:
    Paul: You were headbutting children off the side of the ship!
    Carl: That must have been horrifying to watch.
    Paul: And then you started making out with the ice sculpture.
    • Later:
    Paul: I can't believe what I'm hearing.
    Carl: I will not apologize for art.
    • And:
    Carl: Shh - do you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness.
    Paul: That's the sound of people drowning, Carl!
    Carl: That is what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence.
  • From the third episode:
    Carl: That was a foot - I appear to have swallowed an entire person.
    Paul: That would be the hotel bartender.
    Carl: Well, that explains why my Mojito is taking so long.
    Paul: It was horrifying! Your mouth unhinged like a snake!
    Carl: Wow that sounds pretty awesome!
    • After Carl discovers his friend is a man named Paul.
    Carl: Well... If you excuse me, I have some pictures to delete from my computer...
  • From the fourth episode:
    Paul: You've gone too far this time, Carl!
    Carl: What's that? It's hard to hear you over the sound of melting city!
  • From the fifth episode:
    Carl: Whatever do you mean?
    Paul: You've always done something. It's a lovely day out. We're having a good time. What have you done?
    • "Whitey's gotta pay. And the payment is baby hands."
  • From the 6th episode
    Paul: All you do is kill people, Carl!
    Carl: That's like saying all Mozart did was write songs.
    • "I am the Henry Ford of human meat!"
    • "It's horrifying, Carl." "Thank you."
  • From the 8th episode
    Carl: Didn't you get my apology piano?
    Paul: Pianos aren't supposed to bleed and scream!
    Carl: I guess it was less a piano and more a statement on pianos.
  • The 10th episode is mostly just creepy, but there are still some funny moments worked in.
    Paul Face Mask: There's something down here with us.
    Carl: That's just the basilisk. It won't bother us. THE STUPID THING ONLY EATS CHIPOTLE!
    • "Were you always this creepy Paul?"