Funny / Link And The Hyrule Gang

  • In Episode 4:
    Gwonam: Ganon and his minions are throwing a party at my house!
    Ganon: (while wearing a party hat) GRRRRREAT!
    • Also:
    The King: 'Scuse me while I take a shit! (farting noises)
    Gwonam: Ew. What in the holy mother of fuck is wrong with you?! And can we stop with the zoom?
    *camera zooms out*
    The King: scene!
  • In Episode 5, the Gang acts out the original opening cinematic of Link: The Faces Of Evil, only this time Link plays the King's role and vice versa. Zelda reluctantly joins in, acting as Gwonam, but everything goes to hell when The King points out that she forgot the carpet.
    Zelda: That's it! Fuck this shit! (to the cameraman) Hey! I think you should get out my way!
    *slaps camera, causing it to fall over*
    Zelda: Kiss my white ass.
    • Even funnier is when it's later revealed that Gwonam was watching the whole thing, not to mention what he says.
    Gwonam: You've got to be kidding me.
    • Ganon does poetry. That is all.
    • Gwonam teaching the King how to say Koridai.
  • Episode 6 has the King consulting Gwonam in order to find out if he's going to hell.
    Gwonam: Are you...what?
    The King: Am I going to hell?
    Gwonam: Are you serious?
    The King: I'm cereal.
    Gwonam: Now, what made you think about this?
    The King: I watched a YouTube Poop of me dying and going to hell.
    • Gwonam and the King decide to play horse, but not before Gwonam addresses the viewers and the hilarity that ensues after it:
    Gwonam: You don't wanna see how we play horse. It's so boring. You won't like it. Trust me. Hurry up, King!
    The King: I've gotta get the ball! Coming!
    Gwonam: That is no ball! That's Mario Head!
    Mario Head: Oh, nice arm you got here! *holds up knife* Can I have it?
  • The entirety of Episode 8. Especially the ending.
  • Episode 10 has these gems:
    The King: Link, we're having a cereal conversation here.
    Link: Great, I'll grab the LinkyO's!
    • Link talking to himself after he's left to watch the house.
    "No rules, no fights, no generic sex jokes...just me enjoying a peaceful day."
    • Zelda having to put up with Gwonam and The King's antics.
    "This is the last time I go anywhere with you dipshits."
  • Episode 11:
    • The Sushiru commercial.
    Alma: I can't eat shit.
    *video becomes disorted*
    Gwonam: Shut that bitch up.
    • Michael Rosen's arrival, which may be funnier to viewers that are in the UK.
    Michael: *knocks on door*
    Gwonam: I don't read Watchtower.
    Michael: Just open the door, you fucking prick...
    • Michael then states that he's here to buy Gwonam's house to which Gwonam obviously objects, saying it's not for sale. Michael points out the flaw in that reasoning, that being that he left the For Sale sign on the front porch.
    Gwonam: I knew there was a reason to take that down.
    • The King tricks Mario and Luigi into putting up a sign for him for free
    Harkinian: Italians would do anything for gum. Remember that, Link.
    • The King explains to his daughter the seriousness of someone moving in next door.
    Harkinian: Someone moved in next door.
    Zelda: Ahh, so?
    Harkinian: Don't you see?
    Harkinian: As King of Rule-Hy. It's my shit job to welcome the new guy.
    Zelda: Point?
    Harkinian: There hasn't been a new guy since Link moved in here with us. Since then, I've developed an anxiety disorder, and now — *speech switches to Blah Blah Blah*
    Zelda: You getting this?
    • Gwonam tells the King how he lost his house.
    Harkinian: So some doo-doo head took your house?
    Gwonam: Yeah.
    Harkinian: Does he have any kids?
    Gwonam: What.