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Funny: KroboProductions
  • Snagglepenis:
    (A duck is smoking.)
    "No smoking... allowed... in the forest. ...fuck."
    • Later:
    Snagglepuss: Good mornin' day! I'm gay!
  • Robotnik's Face is Politically Incorrect:
    Sonic: I feel the need for Robotnik's penis! (runs off)
    (Tails eats his dust)

    Robotnik: I'm on the brink of incest! YOU FAIL!
    Sonic: Gay guys like [Captain Rescue] eat penis for lunch.
    Robotnik: YER A FAGGOT!
    Sonic: SEX.
  • King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion.
    Customer Service Guy: How can I help you, King Dedededededededede?
    Dedede: I need a monster to clobber me!
    Customer Service Guy: That's what we do best at N.M.N.M.N.M.Dede.M.E.
    I. Pulled. Up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabbie DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Dedede: I need a monster that can put out a fire.
    Customer Service Guy: Fuck you, King Dedede.
  • Captain Rescue Gets His Cutie Mark
    Tails: Look, Sonic! There's a big black cloud over Ponyville!
    Sonic: Tails, Tails! I feel the need for Pinkie Pie!

    Captain Rescue: I saw ponies on TV, Sonic, and I fucking loved it!

    Robotnik: (showing off his force field) Matt Damon! No one can penetrate it! No one can damage it! (force field breaks) Dammit!

    Robotnik: Sonic! You're Justin Bieber!
    Sonic: (with Justin Bieber's head) Uh-oh!
  • Friendship is Magnets is pretty much a laugh riot from the off
    Narrator: Once upon a time, in the magical land of GERMANY... there were two regal sisters (Tia and Tamara Mowry appear very briefly) who ruled together and harmed all the land. To do this, the eldest used RELISH, the younger, brought out MUSTARD. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their KITCHEN.
    • "Are you coughing because of Gary Oak?"
    • "It's- it's so... (pause) CUTE!" "Well, it is Tim Allen!"
    • "The smallest peep could cause a huge cockslide!"
    • When the Mane Six argue with Fluttershy:
    Twilight Sparkle: Fluttershy! You have a wonderful talent dealing with all sorts of animals!
    Fluttershy: No you.
    Rainbow Dash: Oh come on! We've seen you walk right up to a whore like it was nothing!
    Fluttershy: No you.
    Pinkie Pie: A bike is a dragon! You're not a dragon!
    • Later on we get pretty much the mother of all jokes, most likely aimed at the Furry Fandom. note 
    Fluttershy: You're not a bad dragon, you just need a Bad Dragon. Now go pack your things. You just need a Bad Dragon, that's all.
    • This:
    Spike: (to Angel Bunny) How does Fluttershy put up with all you furries!?
    Twilight: Spike, take a hike!
    • "Dear Princess Celestia: I am Twilight Sparkle." "Twa-a-a-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
    • "That's just it, Spike. The day after tomorrow is tomorrow! It's a paradox!"
    • "My dearest and most faithful student, Twilight: you suck!"
    • Mayor: "Holy SHIT! Seize her!"
      • "Stand back, you IDIOTS!"
    • Pinkie Pie's song:
    Pinkie Pie: When I was a little GIRL and my face was going dowwwwwwwwn, my PENIS would always make God frowwwwwwwn! I'd hide under my pillow, from what I thought I pillow, But GAY Grammy said that wasn't the way to deal with fears at all! He said "Pinkie, you got you— you you got you you you got you you you go- learn to ice your pillow. You'll see that they can't hurt you, you just laugh to make them die! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa su-u-u-u-us!" *squeak*
    • And now for Bill Engvall! (music gets louder and louder until it reaches ear-blasting levels)
  • Friendship is Gic: What A Story Mark Crusaders.
    • The impromptu Marble Zone piano segment.
    • The parody commercials. "Hi, Billy Mays here with Dumb Fabric! It has the strength! And the struscle! Here's how to order!" "Enjoy elephants again."
    • Pinkie Pie's other song:
    Bakin' these treats is such a bitch
    Add a teaspoon of Godzilla!
    • Sweetie Belle responding to every yes/no question with "NO!".
    Scootaloo: Wow, that's so awesome! Did you just come up with that now?
    Sweetie Belle: NO!
    Scootaloo: Thanks.
    • "Dear Princess Celestia: Today, I learned something."
    • The intro misnaming the mane characters:
      • Tim Allen as Rainbow Dish
      • Steven Page as Pinkamena Diane Pie
      • Some other idiot as Rarity
      • John Madden as Applejake
      • Larry Green as Fluttershibby
      • Matt Paxton as Twillit Blend
      • Jim Gaffigan as Spoke
      • Jewish kittens as Incestia
  • Friendship Is Gic: Pinkie Pie tlt uolliaC
    Guy: Here's my device. [draws a penis] Let's say that this is my hard DICK. Now remember, this could be either a DICK or a COCK or a PENIS.
    Applejack: So, all you have to do is make a DICK, and LICK IT?
    Rarity: Oh-oh-oh-oh A-a-a-a-ple-le-le-ja-a-a-a-ack, you make me hard!
    • (Art of the Dress starts up)
    Rarity: Sssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex *song ends*
    • And this:
    Rarity: Please, Diamond Dogs... please let me go!
    Diamond Dog: Hmmm... nah.
    Rarity: But whatever do you want from me?
    Diamond Dog: Your precious little PUSSY!
    Rarity: Oh! Is that all?
    Diamond Dog: NO! Suck my dick!
    Rarity: Dick.
    Diamond Dog: Yes, we said dick! Suck them all!
    Rarity: But I thought you wanted to FUCK me?
    Twilight: I used to wonder what the fuck friendship was / Until you French-kissed me
    Rainbow: Big ad-" (cue the syllable "vent" several times, to the tune of The Magic School Bus theme)
    Rarity: A beautiful fart
    Applejack: Faithful and str—
    Deana Carter:♪ —awberry wiiiiiine~♪
    • This:
    Gilda: Come on, Rainbow Dash, I said sex!
    • Later:
    Rainbow Dash: If being cool is all you care about, maybe you should go fuck yourself!
    • And:
    Twilight Sparkle: Dearest Princess Celestia: Today I learned that it's impossible to control your own behavior. Your faithful student, Twi-(cuts to credits)
  • From The Fesh Pince of Blair, comes this little gem...
    • "My father just got an erection!"
    • "Oh my god. He's God." HAAAAAAAAAAALLELUJAAAAH.
    • "I am not a *BANG!* killer!"
    • "What can you say about Carlton...He was Carlton."
    Man: "And who are you?"
    Will: "I'm The Dude."
    [The man begins applauding, until his applause starts to sound like popcorn popping]
    Phil: What!? Are you out of your horny little adolescent minds!?!
    Carlton: I know I am, dad. (cue dance beat)
    Will: This is my mother Carlton.... NOOOO!
    Carlton: I wanna grow! [grows for a second] ...woah!
    Geoffrey: You two are reeaaallllyyyyy lllaaammmmeeee!
    • Uncle Phil blowing his top:
    Will: Y'know... really, I don't mind the yelling... but did he have to sp-sp-sp-sp-spiips?
    • "To me, Heaven has to be a cross between a Dikekike video and.... chicken an' winnigish! See, it's like... I could have a leg in one hand, and a BRERB in the other!"
  • The Fesh Pince of Blair 2: Uncle Phill Yiffs in Heaven Again
    • Uncle Phil has a heart attack and goes to Heaven. What does he see? Heavenly stairs leading up to a crucified Gumby, posted in-between a screen showing The Fesh Pince of Blair on the left and a chicken on the word "Winnigish" on the right. In other words, a cross between a Dikekike video and Chicken and Winnigish.
    • Uncle Phil dying then giving his own eulogy
    "What can you say about Philip Banks?" (Audience looks blank) "What the heck can you say about Philip Banks?!"
    • "For four years I treated that boy like my own son. Whatever he needed, whether it was pants or chicken, I was there for him!"
  • The Nutritious Chronicles of Celeryjack
    Twilight Sparkle: A pony whose contributions to—
    Rainbow Dash: Did you see Applejack out there? What an ass!
    Twilight Sparkle: Exactly! And—
    Pinkie Pie: Ya gonna eat that!?
    Twilight Sparkle: What does that have to do with Applejack?
    Pinkie Pie: (blinks, beat) Fuck you!
    • This part:
    Twilight: [sighs, annoyed] That pony is a fuel!
    Voice: Augh!
    Twilight: [Turns her head] No offense.
    [Camera pulls back, reveals Antoine beside Twilight]
    Antoine: I am not a fuel, YOU are ze fuel!
    • "~I believe I can FLAALF!~"
    • This part:
    Twilight: Oh good, yuri. I'm going to fuck you, and I'm not taking no for an answer.
    Applejack: Okay, Twilight.
    Twilight: I am not taking "Okay, Twilight" for an answer.
    Applejack: Yes, PLEASE, Twilight!
    • "Dear Princess Celestia, my friend Applejack is a BITCH. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."
  • Freddy Ruins Sam's Life
    Freddy: Suck my cock!
    (Sam vomits up her chips, then eats the vomit.)
    Carly: Okay, but doesn't it bug-
    Carly: Okay, but doesn't it bug you that your mom and Lewbert are practically dating?
    Freddy: They're not dating.
    Carly: Okay, but doesn't it bug you that your mom and-
    Freddy: They're not dating, idiot.
    Sam: (to Freddy) You know, your mom was right: you really should wear a belt.
    Freddy: Why?
    Sam: So people can't do this.
    (Sam gives Freddy a blowjob.)

    Lewbert: Fuck my butt! Here's a fork!
    (Carly fucks Lewbert's butt using the fork.)
    Lewbert: HARDER! HARDER! AGAIN NIAGA! Oh... Thank you, Marissaram.
    Marissa: Please, call me Marissaram. It's French: it mean penis-suckle.
    Lewbert: Here's a fuzzy fork!
    • "Anyone can roast beef, but nobody can pee!"
    • "Anyone can suck penis, but nobody can pee suckiness!"
  • John Goodman Breaks
    • Just how Krobo makes John make random noises.
    • "Quiet, Dan, you'll attract niggers."
    • "Dan, is the dick clean or dirty?" [Dan turns and dances to the Ice Cap snowboarding music.] "Dirty."
  • Superior Smash Siblings
    • The excessive focus on Bowser, as if his inclusion is new and exciting.
    • The German introducing Hitler at a rally.
    German: (translated) Sup guys. Here's Hitler and stuff. [He spontaneously phases out of existence, as Hitler walks up to the microphone.]
  • How the Grirch Borrowed Hanukkah (and subsequently returned it)
    • How it started off with the "Cat in the Hat Productions" logo be replaced with him shouting "EGGS! EGGS!"note 
    Cat in the Hat: EEGS!
    Narrator: He knew every Jew down in Jewville beneath was not Christian.
    The Grirch: Bananas.
    Narrator: Snuns, snuns, snuns—
    "You're a bad banana!"
    Grirch: I will fuck the tree. Fuck the tree. Fuck the tree. Fuck the tree.
    Narrator: No one ask why.
    Little girl: Why?
    Narrator: He turned around and he saw a small Jew. Diddly Diddly Doo Jew, who was no more than— NINE AND A HALF. She stared at the Grirch and said... [odd static noise]
    Grirch: Yom, yom, yom, sweet little tot! I must— Fuck the tree. Fuck the tree. Fuck the tree. Fuck the tree.
    Deedly Deedly Doo Jew: Wow.
    "Your brain is full of Spain. You've got Spain in your brain, Mr. Griiirch. Spain is full of spiders. You've got thirty-NINE AND A HALF spiders in your brain. I wouldn't touch you. [Musical sting] You've got shit in your anus, Mr. Griiirch.
    [Camera zooms in to the Grirch's lower torso, x-ray revealing a pile of excrement and a sign next to it saying "Anus"] You're a Jew? [The Grirch turns angrily at the camera] NEIN-NEIN-NEIN-NEIN-AND-A-HALF [The camera zooms to the Grirch's face then cuts to black]
    Narrator: The Grirch is not a Jew!
  • The Facial Hair Fiasco
    • The entire scene with Handicapped Grandpa Weekly. Immediately followed with:
    Elderly Lady: Oh dear, I'm old. Penis.
    • "If we don't get this mustache cream soon, everything's gonna be just fine."
    • Pizza Steve ordering all black people to leave the store - followed by a male's restroom figure and a smiling stock photo of a black family floating out of the front of Mart Mart to somber music.
      • Before that, Pizza Steve shouts "MOVE IT PIECE OF SHIT!" at a store employee.
    • The ending, taking "Aoi No Uta" and sentence mixing it.
    Go eat Taco Bell, la le lu
    It's good, shimasu
  • Green Eggs and Eggs
    • "Do you like green eggs and EGGS?"
    • "Would you fuck a goat?" "Yes."
    • When the guy finally tries the food.
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