YMMV / Link And The Hyrule Gang

  • An Aesop: Given the style of the series, it might have been unintentional, but Harkinian's advice to Link in part 2 of Episode 12 regarding his problems with Mary-O provides the lesson that you have to stand up for yourself if you want to stop being picked on and it's much better to face one's problems in life head on rather than freaking out and running away.
  • Ho Yay: In part 2 of Episode 12, Principal Frollo tells Link that Mary-O could just be bullying him because he might just have a crush on him.
    • "Well, let's just say we found out why that guy kept picking on [Camedrion]."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Well, as much as anything using the CD-i animations can provide, but a few instances stand out:
    • An in-universe example seems to be Mario Head, who scares the crap out of Harkinian when he shows up in Episode 8.
    • In Episode 10, Ganon tries to kill Zelda. No jokes, no silly mannerisms, he just straight up tries to kill Zelda.
      "Enough talk, MURDER TIME! "