Funny / Klonoa

Several funny events happen in Klonoa's games:

  • One for Klonoa Heroes. While trying to get Guntz to give up his loner ways to work with him and Pango he states that "If we lose then we can't win." This actually gets Guntz to burst out in laughter and decide to join them.
  • Another one for Heroes. Guntz showing his sea sickness is hilarious. Its funny seeing the once cocky, strong loner have a very interesting weakness. Bonus points because this does not just limit itself to boats but anything that bobs back and forth like a boat on the ocean.
  • Thrice for Klonoa Heroes. Guntz geeking out over a gun he found while looking for treasure with Klonoa. Guess his name refers to his weapon of choice as well as his interests and hobbies. Bonus for showing a fan boy tendency of getting mad at Klonoa for not understanding the rarity of his new gun and how fragile it apparently is.
  • If you can get past Joka's rather frightening appearance, you will find that he is a walking goldmine of these moments. For example:
    • His ending in Klonoa Beach Volleyball. After winning the prize money, he tells his Mooks that he's not satisfied and wants to get even more money. So he casts a magic spell on the money saying "Make my prize money grow by 10 times!" Instead of increasing the amount of money, the money increases in size and value. This gets him in trouble when he tries to buy something with this money, and the shopkeeper thinks the money is fake and tries to take Joka to the police.
    • In Door to Phantomile, he has a very Creepy Child-esque voice. However, in the Wii remake (in both the English and Phantomilian versions), he has a high-pitched voice somwhat reminiscent of Spongebob Squarepants. Just the thought of such a scary-looking character being so incompetent and having such a silly voice is hilarious!
    • When Klonoa first meets Ghadius and Joka in DtP and the remake, there is one part where it zooms in on Ghadius' face as he does his epic Evil Laugh... then it cuts to Joka giggling like a preschooler. The Mood Whiplash may or may not have been intentional, but it's still really funny.
    • When Ghadius confronts Joka to scold him for failing to kill Klonoa:
    Ghadius: You've failed me, Joker.
    Joka: My lord! It's just that these kids are stronger than they seem, even though they're so weak! Though I did try...
    • The best thing about Dave Mallow's performance as Joka in the English dub of the Wii game is that he takes lines that should be terrifying and makes them sound hilarious. And the crazy thing is, it works! For example, in one scene, he tells Klonoa and Huepow "Now all that's left is to get rid of you two!" The way he says "get rid of you two" makes it sound like that's a good thing!
  • In Vision 1-2 of DtP and the remake, there's one section where Klonoa rides a minecart. It's so short and unexpected that it could qualify as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. At the end of the ride, the minecart crashes into a wall and explodes! The best part is the music.
  • The webcomic has some funny moments as well. One example is when a Knighty-Knight decides to play "Paper-Scissors-Rock" to determine who tells Tenebrae Hue that they failed to capture Klonoa. Two of the Knights argue over who's dumb, at which point, another Knighty-Knight yells at them saying their both dumb. Even Klonoa seemingly can't help but laugh.