Funny: Klonoa

Several funny events happen in Klonoa's games some even in-universe.

  • One for Klonoa Heroes. While trying to get Guntz to give up his Loner ways to work with him and Pango because they each have a goal in which they can work together he states that "If we loose then we can't win." This actually gets Gutz to burst out in laughter and decides to join them.
  • Another one for Heroes. Guntz showing his sea sickness is hilarious. Its funny seeing the once cocky head strong loner have a very interesting weakness. Bonus points because this does not just limits to boats but anything that bobs back and forth like a boat on the ocean.
  • Thrice for Klonoa Heroes. Guntz geeking out over a gun he found while looking for treasure with Klonoa. Guess his name refers to his weapon of choice as well as is interests and hobbies. Bonus for showing a fan boy tendency of getting mad at Klonoa for not understanding the rarity of his new gun and how fragile it apparently is.
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