Trivia / Klonoa

  • Franchise Killer: The 2008 remake was a total flop in sales, not only canning any possibility of the proposed Klonoa 2 Wii remake, but probably putting the entire game series on ice. While a new webcomic for Klonoa was released on September 2012, that ended in 2014, leaving the franchise dead once more.
    • Most fans will tell you that it wasn't the remake itself that killed the possible continuation of the series, it was more of the total lack of advertising in the west that caused the sales to suffer so much.
  • No Export for You: Moonlight Museum didn't make it out of Japan due to the WonderSwan not catching on; Beach Volleyball didn't make it to North America because Sony was trying to phase out the PS1 by 2002. Namco subsequently decided that North America hated Klonoa for some reason and refused to localize any other games until 2005.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Before they created Klonoa, the series' creators came up with some interesting character concepts. They were originally going to male the protagonist a human soul trapped in a robot body. Another scrapped character was a shadow creature named Shady. However, he was rejected because the creators feared he wasn't appealing enough.
    • For the North American release of the first game's Wii remake, a proposed redesign for Klonoa replaced his trademark floppy ears with pointy cat ears, and also removed his hat. This redesign was shouted down in favor of a design leaning more strongly to his appearance in the other games. Here is the original version, on the right. It's unclear how Klonoa would have been able to flutter without his floppy ears, or if that ability was going to be removed entirely.
    • Ghadius' original designs were... interesting. It's strange to think that such a dark, serious villain was almost a Monster Clown.
  • The Wiki Rule: Has its own wiki, Klonoa Wiki.