YMMV: Klonoa

  • Awesome Art: The webcomic has quite a bit of this.
  • Awesome Music: It's not an exaggeration to say that the real final battle for Empire Of Dreams has one of the most epic BGMs to have ever graced the Game Boy Advance.
  • Base Breaker: Lephise and Huepow. Both because of the first game's ending.
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks: A common complaint is that the remake made something already easy even easier.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Anything that comes out of Klonoa's mouth. Normally, his Simlish would be the exact opposite, but he's so just darned adorable while shouting, whooping, and "Wahoo!"ing that you can't help but smile when Klonoa does so. (Unless he's hurt or dying in some fashion; that will only make you cringe and strive to prevent it from ever happening again.)
    • Also that "POOCH-CHI-CHU-chu-ch-ch-ch..." sound that occurs upon harming a boss. Glorious.
  • That One Boss: Ghadius will be the source of many quick and cheap deaths if you aren't paying attention. The extra health you get in the Wii version does next to nothing to mitigate this.
  • That One Level: Balue's Tower in the original game. See Brutal Bonus Level on the main page for more details.