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Tear Jerker: Klonoa
  • Klonoa: The two console games' endings tear her up every single time, especially the first one.
    • Just to clarify why the first ending nearly got me buckling in my knees with tears: Klonoa discovers the world he lived in was a fake. He belongs in a different Phantomile which he will be forced to go back to once Lephise sings her song. Other than the fact that he has no choice in the matter, he ultimately has to say good-bye to Huepow, his childhood friend—fake memories or not—and the scene they display is just heartbreaking. Klonoa gets sucked into a whirlpool and after struggling with his emotions, Huepow tries to keep Klonoa from getting sucked in, because he can't bear to be apart from his close friend. Unfortunately the portal is too strong. Unlike other partings, there's no "We'll see each other again" or even a "We'll always be together", all they do is shout their names in anguish!
  • The scene where Klonoa's grandfather dies in his arms after beating the fourth boss was very heartwrenching too.
  • The ending of Klonoa 2 was somewhat sad too. Lolo, who became attached to Klonoa during their adventure, has to leave to become a full priestess, and says goodbye to Klonoa. The two of them hug as her theme plays in the background, and then she cries in his arms.

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