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Funny / Killer Instinct

  • Aganos' victory animation. It buries its (presumably dead) opponent in rock... and then places a flower on the mound of rocks.
  • One of Aganos' normals has it flick the opponent. Said flick can also destroy projectiles, so you can be treated to the sight of Aganos flicking fireballs out of the air completely nonchalantly.
  • Cinder's trailer. For the entire duration Cinder is mocking T.J. Combo and spouting one-liners that wouldn't sound out of place in some cheesy action flick.
  • Speaking of Cinder, his story mode has a stage where he decided to use the Fulgores in an UltraTech facility for "target practice", only for the intense heat to short them out and make them attack the UltraTech employees. The story blurb ends with "Mondays, right?"
    • Cinder's entire story mode seems to be him trolling or otherwise being an asshole everyone he comes across. Including ARIA herself.
  • Many of the stage ultras:
    • The stage ultra on T.J. Combo's stage in the 2013 game. Pull it off and your character knocks your opponent in the air, and then a wrecking ball smashes them into a billboard in the background, which explodes in a shower of sparks. The kicker is that your character poses as your opponent is hurtling back; Jago in particular shakes his head, as if in disapproval. Thunder puffs his chest out in a ridiculous fashion before raising his tomahawk.
    • The stage ultra on Kan-Ra's stage. While the character is launched into the air, they are hit by several artifacts flying by and are sent into a "black hole" portal while comically flailing around.
    • Hisako's stage ultra, which is a nice mix of funny and creepy. The victim is knocked to the right side of the screen after a few smacks from the winner. Suddenly, ghostly black hands begin to drag the victim under the ground; the victim struggles as much as they can, but they're sucked under...but then the hole opens back up, as the victim has ALMOST successfully escaped. The winner proceeds to quickly run over and knock their opponent back down into the pit with a quick strike. Especially funny when either Kan-Ra or Rash do it, because the former bursts into evil laughter when he does it, and the latter screams in fear like a cartoon character before knocking them back under.
    • ARIA's stage ultra, in which the victim is knocked out the skyscraper window and spends a solid 10 seconds comically waving their arms as their fall is viewed from multiple angles, sparks erupting as they make contact with the UltraTech logo on the ground.
    • The stage ultra on Arbiter's stage has the victim knocked towards the center of the stage. They have a moment to collect themselves, before they turn towards the background and are immediately crushed by a crashing Banshee.
  • Rash himself is pretty much one big funny moment, with his hammy lines, goofy animations and attacks, and the fact that we can now pit a Battletoad against the likes of Jago, ARIA, and Hisako.
    • His move descriptions also give pretty funny descriptions at the end like, "Hurts opponents face when hit" for Big Bad Boot, and "Has 1 hit of super armor because he's one tough dude" for the Wrecking Ball. Though the best one is his instinct, which is named after the infamous Turbo Tunnels, and has "Makes opponent throw their controller in rage".
      • His temporary Ultra was just a single punch that sent the opponent all the way to the other end of the stage. It would frequently bring furious matches to a rather abrupt end, and the awkward couple seconds of in-game silence afterwards just sold it.
    • Rash's taunts in his final build, a fast one and a slow one. They're the longest taunts in the entire game, and they involve Rash doing various goofy dance moves while beatboxing the Battletoads pause theme.
      • They even start out with him doing pelvic thrusts, and the developers explicitly stated that they made the thrusts as fluid as possible so you could loop them for as long as you want.
  • If you beat the original game as Eyedol, his ending sequence is a parody of Blanka's from Street Fighter II except rather than reuniting with his lost mother, he just smacks her with his club and goes on his way.
  • Kim Wu's trailer shows her in the middle of training with her nunchaku....and also shows her hitting herself in the head with them, before angrily banging on the ground with them.
    • Also, the opening banter between Kim Wu and Shadow Jago:
  • The backstories for Fulgore and Riptor are presented as operating manuals, and while they have some vanilla funny moments, such as the Riptor manual telling you to refrain from making Jurassic Park jokes to them because they don't like it, a lot of it is just straight up Black Comedy that turns UltraTech's Comedic Sociopathy Up to Eleven.
    Cinder: Listen, ARI…can I call you ARI?
    ARIA: No.
    • Aria's backstory is presented as a journal she was instructed to keep by her creator, Ryat Adams. While it does slowly get darker and sadder over the course of the journal, this entry near the beginning is bound to get a chuckle or two;
    ARIA: Day 14: Ryat-Father has decided not to play chess with me anymore because he cannot win.
    • Aria's dairy entries are in all caps for the first few days, much like a stereotypical A.I would talk in a book. By the time this changes, it's revealed that the reason for this was because Aria had not yet learnt to use lower case letters.
  • With the game's roster being as Troperiffic as it is, it can lead to some ridiculous situations if you actually take the time to think about it. To quote someone from one of the developer's streams:
    "Killer Instinct: the only game where an immortal barbarian can German suplex a Japanese ghost."
  • In Sabrewulf's third ending, it's implied that he may have broken through his Lycanthropy curse and, as a result, wonders if now would be good time to throw on a shirt.