Heartwarming / Killer Instinct

  • The very fact that Aganos respectfully buries his opponent, even pulling a flower off himself to put on the grave, whenever he wins.
    • The fact that for the first thousand or so years of his existence Aganos was a simple mindless golem, until the unnamed Babylonian King obtained him and gave him a simple command which gave him the ability to think and act on his own;
    • Out of gratitude Aganos served the king for the rest of his life and has spent centuries, even as he is slowly breaking down, fulfilling the king's final wish: finish Kan-Ra.
  • In one of Orchid's endings, Jago comes to his sister's aid to support her and heal her troubled mind.
  • One of Sabrewulf's endings; After defeating all competition in the tournament he realizes that he feels victorious, and that the feeling makes him human. After the moon passes he starts to feel more human than he has in years, and decides to find a shirt.
  • Fulgore has Eagle's soul within him, and is slowly gaining Eagle's conscious.
  • Hisako is vengeful and scary, but ultimately heroic. She died taking up her dead father's naginata and using it to fight a group of bandits, restoring his honor and protecting her village from being razed. The villagers set up a shrine to honor her as the village's guardian. Even when revived as an angry onryo hundreds of years later, her only motivation is to restore the graves of her people and get payback after Ultratech disturbed them.
  • ARIA's backstory expands on its relationship with its creator, Ryat Adams. Her journal describes her interactions with the man, referring to him as "Ryat-Father". Mr. Adams tried to teach his creation various concepts, such as love, humanity and death, but unfortunately, ARIA didn't quite grasp the meaning of them and couldn't do anything to cure his wife's disease, trying to console him by reading a poem. Eventually, ARIA took over the management of the company, allowing Ryat to proceed with his humanitarian goals. Every entry in the journal is surprisingly heartfelt. The last somber note about Mr. Adams signifies ARIA's reverence before him.
    Day 12,115: Ryat-Father died today. He wanted to create a new form of life in order to prolong an old form of life. He accomplished the first, but failed at the second. RIP.
  • The return of Eyedol to close off Season 3 for KI 2013. Not only does this bring back a character that we haven't seen since the first game, this means that all of the characters that have been made for the franchise are now together in one game. There's just something warm and fuzzy that about seeing over 20 years of Killer Instinct come together to create a true all-star cast of characters.