Funny / Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger

  • In Episode 3, Souffle is stuck upside-down in her transport bubble, and Pakaracchi and Nyorori are being perverts about it. Cream gets angry on her behalf and starts crashing into everyone else's' bubbles so they'd be too disoriented to stare.
  • At the beginning of Episode 6, the whole team is washing Kirinda. Urii gets bored and squirts Monk with a water pistol. Monk didn't see him and immediately blames Pochiro, whipping out his own at him. Pochiro returns fire, misses, and hits Hols. Not knowing who hit him, Hols just fire at random, squirting Bakumaru, Gaoh, Nyorori, and Pakaracchi. And then, the entire team (save Drago and the girls) is caught up in a water gun fight and getting nothing accomplished.
  • In Episode 7, when the team needs someone to look after Corrupted Princess Kaguya, they unanimously decided that the obvious choice, someone gentle that a baby would like, was Gaoh, who was understandably very confused.
    • From the same episode, Tiger Form Gaoh is performing circus tricks for the baby. And then this exchange happens;
    Hols: Okay, now jump through the flaming hoop!
    Gaoh: H-HEY, HOLS!!!
  • Kirinda insists that the novel world in Episode 8 is a terrifying place, haunted by a fearsome beast who slaughters children... before he shows a picture of a happy, chibified Little Red Riding Hood. Hey, he's at least partly right. And then when the Eto Rangers call him out for freaking them out like that, he hurries up and starts the roulette.
  • Two words for a moment from Episode 10: Malfunctioning. Tart. Right as Cream and Tart were sitting together, Cream rather embarrassedly telling Tart how "mature" her second form looked, Tart gets beaned with a soccer ball due to Bakumaru and Pochiro being careless nearby. They check to see if she's alright, to find that the ball had literally knocked her face off. Now, Chicken Tart? Attractive. Human Tart? Attractive. Human-Body-With-A-Chicken-Head Tart? Absolutely ridiculous, and she knows it; she didn't even bother fixing it before chasing after the two to kick their asses. And then at the end of the episode, Pochiro reveals that he did it on purpose. Cue Oh, Crap! when he finds out that she's standing nearby, having heard the whole thing.
    • Pochiro's antics in general in episode 10. The scene where he has a whole melon shoved in his mouth really shows off the samurai dog's goofier side.
  • In episode 14, just when Bakumau and Cream are going for a car ride, blushing like crazy as colorful lights and soft music starts up, she says;
    "Bakumaru... do you... know how to drive?"
  • Also in Episode 14, The Straw Millionaire's Chain of Deals is supposed to follow a pattern of: Straw with fly -> Orange -> Cloth -> Horse -> Mansion. When he just won't hold onto the straw with a fly, the Eto Rangers try to force it.
    • Tart swipes what he has and puts the straw back in his hand.
    • Urii runs up, takes the straw, and gives him the orange.
    • Nyorori swallows the orange whole and gives him the cloth.
    • Then they start to wonder where to get a horse. Bakumaru knows right away as he spirit-summons Pakaracchi, jumps on his shoulders, and trades him for the cloth, leaving him raising his fists and screaming through a muzzle.
  • In episode 15 Nyorori is imagining what it would be like to fly, and Peter Pan takes his thought cloud and crumples it like paper and the next time we see Nyorori, he's SERIOUSLY ironing the thought cloud out with an iron.
  • In the Snow White episode, the queen wants to get rid of Snow White so that's she will be the fairest in the land. But Snow White then asks the mirror who the 2nd fairest in the land is and it not the queen, after that the mirror starts going down the list of people that are more fairer than the queen, she threatens the mirror by holding a hammer and the scared look on the mirror is just priceless.
  • Pretty much the entire Hansel and Gretel episode but highlights include:
    • Pretty much every scene Pochiro is in. This episode is basically Pochiro at his most Adorkable.
    • Bakumaru stealing Urii's cake and Gaoh, Drago and Hols giving Urii their cakes to calm him so his tantrum doesn't destroy their base, while at the same time giving a hidden glare at Bakumaru.
    • Pochiro promising to give Monk food wrappers when the mission is over, AND HE DOES!
    • Bakumaru, Pochiro, Cream, Souffle and Tart basically turning an old lady's house into candy and her furious reaction to it.
    • Pochiro getting caught hording food, causing him to get beaten up. Afterwards, he's sobbing and in a Troubled Fetal Position, calling Bakumaru "cruel".
  • In the Puss In Boots episode, Bakumaru's first instinct upon meeting the titular cat is to freak out and spirit summon Gaoh of all rangers.
  • In the Bluebird Of Happiness episode, Hols once again crossdresses as the "Spirit Of Milk".