Heartwarming / Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger

  • In Episode 5, Tart recognizing the Ugly Duckling after he's restored to normal. And the sheer amount of dedication the Corrupted Ugly Duckling shows to her throughout the whole thing. Episode 5 in general, really.
  • In Episode 6, Monk was upset that, though he looked like Son Goku while in the Journey to the West world, he became self-conscious because his still really just being Monk has caused some problems. So what to the summoned rangers do for Monk when Bakamaru calls them? Drago makes a nimbus cloud for him to ride on, and Pochiro lends him his Power Pole, both just so he could feel like a hero during the battle against the Jyarei.
  • In Episode 8, after the Novel World of Little Red Riding Hood is restored to normal, Urii is feeling lonely because he befriended the corrupted Little Red Riding Hood. So his teammates all dress up with red riding hoods of their own to cheer him up...but Urii bursts out laughing at how silly they look instead. Which does at least cheer him up, so it's still a moment of heartwarming.
  • In Episode 10, Corrupted Pinocchio learns that he's been tricked, that his halfhearted "good deeds" weren't actually helping anyone, and that his ignorance was hurting his friend. The first thing he does after that is immediately get a job at a shipyard, working to the point of collapse for the first time after living in total luxury before just to try to straighten out his life. Then his friend Meru forgives him.
  • In Episode 16, Bakumaru is willing to choose Cream over his mission, as his final opponent in the tournament is the Jyarei Monster the team has been sent to find, who's threatening to have Cream killed unless Bakumaru throws the fight. So he does...until Cream frees herself and shows up to reveal the Jyarei Monster using the mirror.
  • At the end of episode 24, Bakumaru tells Souffle, "You're one of us, you matter, and don't you forget it!"
  • In Episode 25, the main conflict in the episode is that the Little Mermaid has been corrupted into an aspiring Broadway singer, but Souffle is worried that if the Etorangers restore the Novel World to normal, the Little Mermaid will die, as in the original Hans Christian Andersen story. Eventually the Little Mermaid finds this out, but gently explains that she's willing to accept her fate, so the team accomplishes their mission after all. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • In Episode 31, Tart explains to Jyuken The Gatekeeper about how Pochiro and Pakaracchi are like family to her. When they arrive back on scene, Jyuken instantly glomps Pochiro and starts trying to cuddle with him. It's an absolutely adorable hug scene despite it only being about 5 seconds long.
  • In Episode 33, we finally see a flashback to the original race that determined Etoranger membership, and Souffle and Urii's membership in the Etorangers becomes heartwarming in hindsight because both were delayed at first; Souffle went back to her house to lock her door, and Urii was still sleeping when the race began. But Cream went back to push Souffle forward in the race, and Tart went back to retrieve and carry Urii for part of the way.
  • In Episode 39, just when things look their bleakest, the nine dead Eto Rangers are brought back to life by Goal to cheer Bakamaru on. And not only that, their allies from the Novel Worlds were also there, with their memories restored. The look on Urii's face when he sees Little Red Riding Hood is simply precious.
  • Gaoh's faith in his old friend Chocolat is eventually rewarded, as once the Etorangers are finally able to convince Nyanma that Princess Aura wasn't responsible for Chocolat's disqualification, Nyanma turns against Bagi and later turns back into Chocolat.