Funny / Junji Ito

  • The entire concept of Ice Cream Bus: after eating ice cream and taking rides in an evil ice cream bus, children eventually turn into piles of ice cream. A scene of particular hilarity is after the protagonist finds his son licking piles of ice cream in their apartment, his son tells him that all of his friends have turned into ice cream, and his head immediately falls off mid-lick and melts on the floor.
  • In the story Long Dream, when one poor guy falls asleep, his dreams take him through up to ten years of doing terrifying or monotonous activities. Most of the dreams he describes are unpleasant or horrible, but then he mentions one where he spent "eight years searching for a toilet that doesn't exist. How do you think that feels?"
  • In Splatter Film, the entire concept of something squashing everyone who eat certain honey flat into pancake can borderline Black Comedy through sheer ridiculousness even when not counting the dimentional-hopping tree as the culprit, but then Fridge Brilliance kicks in if we making sense the analogy of the deaths from an off-hand remark in the manga. Try to imagine that the tree as humans, the honey as blood, and people who ate the honey as mosquitoes, and we got the exact same scenario. Humans Are Cthulhu, indeed.