Tear Jerker / Junji Ito

  • Lingering Farewell. A woman has been constantly plagued by dreams of her beloved father dying. She marries into a wealthy family who are all hostile to her, except her kind sister-in-law. She discovers that, when one of the family dies, the others will perform a ritual to create an "after-image" of the dead person which lingers for around twenty years to give them time to say goodbye and accept the death. Not only does her sister-in-law turn out to be such an after-image (with a heartbreaking scene where the girl, unaware of what she is, promises to stay at home with her mother forever as the mother sobs over her), but so does the heroine herself - who was killed by a car on her wedding day. She only finds out about this ten years after the wedding when her husband turns out to be having an affair and wants to marry his girlfriend. The protagonist blames herself for this, and decides she was a bad wife for being more devoted to her father than her husband. She goes home to spend whatever time she has left with her elderly father, and wonders which of them will disappear first.