Fridge / Junji Ito

Fridge Horror

  • The disease shown in "Hell O' Dollies" is identified as Early Onset Doll's Disease. By definition, this means that it happens more commonly later in life — and the early onset version is said to have affected 30% of the world's children. Think about that for a moment.
  • In one story, we see that Soichi had a child with the giant woman who ate people and apparently was a fashion model, and who Soichi offended in a previous storyline. We don't know what she did to him, since the narrator ran away at that point. Consider how the Bad Future was All Just a Dream, and then think, what could that woman have done to Soichi, to make him have a dream that he fathered a child with her?
  • In Mold, we're shown that when Mr. Rogi came over to ask to rent the house, Akasaka's dog constantly growled and barked. When Akasaka returned to Japan, he was told that the Rogis had let his dog escape. Given what we know about Mr Rogi's experiments and what was happening to his family, and that the dog was "suspicious" of them ... can we be so sure the dog did just run away?

Fridge Brilliance
  • In Splatter Film, the reveal revolves around the 'honey' actually being sap from a sentient tree that squashes whoever it catches drinking the sap. In plants, Sap is effectively the equivalent of blood in animals, circulating around the plant to transport nutrients for use and storage. Now, what other small thing drinks from a much larger thing and risks being squashed if it gets caught? A Mosquito, drinking the blood of a Human.