Funny / Jak and Daxter

  • The Reveal near the end of Jak 3: As it turns out, the Precursors, a god-like race responsible for the creation of the world are ottsels. The reaction shot, which includes Veger dropping his cane and Jak's famous "Oh my God" are what really clinch it as a Funny Moment. According to the Making Of extras, the guy who animated that scene begged to do so once he learned about The Reveal.
    • There's a lot of subtle things that makes this scene hilarious. Count Veger giving Jak an Eye Take to make sure he is seeing it too. One of the Percursors is trying to move the game's camera to protect their identity. Then there's comeuppance: while the Precursors were still speaking through their Energy Being avatar, they offer to turn Jak into one of them until Veger shows up with a gun demanding that HE receive the "honor", prompting the avatar to say "Be Careful What You Wish For..." One reveal later...
      Veger: These creatures are the great Precursors? And I wanted to evolve into the...(sudden Oh, Crap! face) NO! (cue Karmic Transformation)"
      Daxter: A little drafty, isn't it?
  • There is a scene in the PSP spinoff that goes like this:
    Erol: Who called you?
    Daxter: Your boy, y'know, Captain Xi-xi-ximon... Rupert... tikjakmos...
    Erol: Nice try. That call didn't happen. [beat] Captain Rupertikjakmos is on leave this month.
  • "I... AM PECKER!" Even funnier about Pecker is that he's voiced by Chris Cox!
    Pecker: Yes, I know. My mother, she was... very vindictive!
  • The part in Jak II where Daxter gets drunk off his ass is hilarious! "I LOVE YOU, MAN!"
  • Whenever Pecker and Blitz are on TV in Jak X is hysterical.
    • The very fact that both can be chosen as pilots. Despite being unable to reach the pedals.
  • There's this exchange between Jak and Daxter while doing a job for Krew in Jak II.
    Jak: Where would you be without me, Dax?
    Daxter: Well Jak, I probably wouldn't be two feet tall, fuzzy, and running around in a sewer without a pair of pants... God, I miss pants.
  • There is a part in Jak II when Jak and Daxter had to gather up three MacGuffins. The cutscenes when you retrieve them are all amusing, but the funniest is the one where Daxter grabs a tiny gear off a giant machine that has a lot of moving parts but no apparent purpose. At first, nothing happens, but as Daxter turns and starts to walk away, the machine stops and falls apart. A cheerfully oblivious Daxter then says "They'll never know we were here." Even funnier when Jak tries to tell him off, but a gigantic cog rolls past him, and causes him to blank out for a second.
  • Early in Jak 3, Jak is approached by Seem. Eventually, this exchange happens:
    Seem: "This isn't a game!"
    (Jak/Daxter glance at camera)
  • "Stay fuzzy... save the world. Choices."
  • "God, I miss pants. You know how they lift, and cradle? Ahhh..."
  • Meeting the Fisherman in the early segments of The Precursor Legacy:
    Fisherman: I can't seem to catch a single fish in this river.
    Daxter: Whoo! Maybe... it's your breath?
  • The Wangsty Warrior.
    Daxter: Have you tried attacking him with your melodrama? 'Cause it's killing me!
  • The entirety of this Jak 1 speedrun. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is an anime, and the plot is centered around Jak who just wants to go home, but to drive home he needs to collect all the car keys.
    I can't read japanese, but this speedrun of Naruto & Pikachu is really fun to watch.
  • The racing contract in Jak II. "GAME RIGHTS?!" Can double as an MoA when you learn that Max Casella completely improvised the whole thing.
  • The various quips Daxter comes out with when you die in TPL and Jak 3. Admit it.
    "Hey Jak, can I, uh... have your insect collection?"
    "While you're down there... could you rub my feet?"
    "I'll say something teary at the funeral, like HOW AM I GONNA GET CHANGED BACK NOW?!"
    "Step one: stay alive. Step two: THINK-ABOUT-NOT-DOING-SOMETHING-LIKE-THAT-AGAIN!"
    "Don't step into the light, Jak! DON'T STEP INTO THE LIGHT!"
    "Well, uh...better you than me."
    "Say good night, Jak!"
    "This is what happens when they drop my name from the title!"
    "You did that on purpose, right?"
    "Where are the moves, man? I'm wondering, where ARE they?"
    "Maybe you should sit on my shoulder for a while."
  • The end of the final boss of TPL, where Daxter debates on using the Light Eco to save the world or change him back.
  • Any scene involving Daxter and Tess in Jak 3. Not just the pair being nauseatingly sweet with each other, but also Jak's reactions at their antics.
    Jak: Oh, please! Could you two take it outside?
    Daxter: You need a hug, Jak? 'Cos we've got plenty to go around.
  • Daxter getting blasted in the face with grummy water in Jak II.
  • Torn using the Naughty Ottsel figure as a final decoy to get a tracking missile off J&D's backs in Jak 3. Daxter's mortified gasp tops it off.
    Daxter: (gasp) My beautiful mug!
  • Daxter in Jak 3 after he blows up the barrier from riding the missile. We see him get up from a huge explosion, he casually dusts himself off and goes to walk away — BAM! Hit by a falling piece of rubble.
    • And just before that, the cutscene leading up to this segment had Dax cooly walking up to said missile, only for it to launch the instant he sits on it, leaving Jak stunned.
      • And funnier with the commentary track, since they are keyed to the length of the cutscenes, and this scene is only about 5 seconds long.
    Dev member: There's a really funny story behind this, but I don't have time to tell it!
  • Ashelin after it is revealed everyone has been played by Rayn.
    Torn: "Who would've thought?"
    Ashelin: "Well, if you'd all been thinking with your... heads."
  • Daxter flipping out at Jak crashing through a fishtank.
    Daxter: "Jaaaak! Are you CRAZY?!" (dramatically throws down mug) "You ruined my story!"
  • The Baby Flut Flut hatching and, upon seeing Daxter, thinks he's her mom.
    Daxter: Oh No! Oh no no no no!!!
    Birdlady: Look, isn't that sweet? It thinks you're its mama.
    Daxter: AAHH! I'm not your mom! You see any feathers here!
  • You can overhear two Krimson Guards near the start of the second game, and some of what they say is quite funny.
    Guard 1: You collect your bribes this week?
    Guard 2: Shhh!
  • This blurb on the back of the Jak II box is amusing just for its bluntness, especially after the E-rated and innocent Precursor Legacy:
    After two years in prison, Jak's mad as hell and he's out for revenge.
  • In the opening cutscene of the first game: Daxter freaking out after he learns that he was transformed by the Dark Eco. He tries to regain control of himself, only to scream louder and longer than ever when he sees that he now has a tail.
  • When Jak and Daxter collect the second Piece of the Seal of Mar at the Dig in Jak II, Daxter realizes what will happen if he goes to grab it and has Jak go instead. Guess what happens when Jak grabs the Piece.
    Daxter: It's a curse, isn't it?!