Awesome / Jak and Daxter

  • Overlapping with Video Game Levels is picking up an ex-KG gunship that's been painted blue and apparently severely enhanced, flying it solo against a flying War Factory with its own army of defensive drones and turret tanks, and then proceeding to wreak havoc throughout said factory, beat the boss within, and then teleport out as the entire fortress plummets from the skies without apparently damaging the city.
  • In Jak II you pick up a seal piece from the far end of water town, and the KG moves in. Your objective is to get out, and you will tear your way through dozens of Krimsons to do it. It is entirely possible to JET-board your way to safety and not hit a single KG on your way out, but of course that's not nearly as awesome.
  • Jak leaping off the Dark Maker ship and taking Cyber Errol with him. Unfortunately, Errol shakes him off easily and flies to safety, while it seems Jak is done for. Daxter, meanwhile, is being sucked into a hole and will probably be dead pretty soon as well. Suddenly, Light Jak flies back up, catches Daxter in the nick of time, and hightails it out of there. All the while everything around them is coming apart at the seams.
  • After escaping from the Dark Maker ship, Jak and Daxter land close to one of the signature cars of the game, and are told to shoot down the giant Mecha that's heading for Spargus City. When it's down, Jak climbs up the side and proceeds to kick Errol's ass into next week.
    • And for added effect, the entire battle is set to some of the most awesome music in the entire series.
  • Pecker setting up an Engineered Public Confession on the Big Bad in Jak X is pretty satisfying.
  • Grabbing the Light Eco in The Precursor Legacy.
    • The battle leading up to that grab; Gol and Maia's giant robot has some truly spectacular attacks, and you end up using almost every kind of eco against it (red is the only exception). By the time the white eco appears you will have taken out a swarm of large monsters, avoided several instant-kill explosives by firing yourself through the air, and torn the thing almost to pieces, outright ripping off one of its arms, just from using normal kinds of eco.