Funny / Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

  • Much of the interaction between Samos and Daxter.
  • "Stay fuzzy... save the world. Choices."
  • Meeting the Fisherman in the early segments of The Precursor Legacy:
    Fisherman: I can't seem to catch a single fish in this river.
    Daxter: Whoo! Maybe... it's your breath?
  • The Wangsty Warrior.
    Daxter: Have you tried attacking him with your melodrama? 'Cause it's killing me!
  • The various quips Daxter comes out with when you die.
    "I was right behind ya, Jak! Really, I was."
    "Hey Jak, can I, uh... have your insect collection?"
    "While you're down there uhhh could you rub my feet?"
    "I'll say something really teary at the funeral, like HOW AM I GONNA GET CHANGED BACK NOW?!"
    "Step one: stay alive. Step two: THINK-ABOUT-NOT-DOING-SOMETHING-LIKE-THAT-AGAIN!"
    "Well, uh...better you than me."
    "Say good night, Jak!"
  • The Baby Flut Flut hatching and upon seeing Daxter thinks he's her mom.
    Daxter: Oh No! Oh no no no no!!!
    Birdlady: Look, isn't that sweet? It thinks your its mama.
    Daxter: AAHH! I'm not your mom! You see any feathers here!
  • When Samos tells you to clear the green eco vents, and then the camera cuts to outside the hut, and he shouts "GET! OUT OF HERE!" so loud that the camera shakes.
    • It happens again when you visit him again, with him telling you to "GET! MOVING!"
  • There's a funny little blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment when Daxter flirts with Keira, she takes a moment to look at where Jak is standing to see if he was the one who was flirting at her before she looks down to see Daxter.
  • Pay attention to the plant in Samos' hut.
  • Unintentional, but still funny: the various townsfolk generally ask for 90 Precursor Orbs for a Power Cell, and this is clearly implied to be their world's currency. So when Jak and Daxter discover ancient, mystical Precursor statues, what do the statues want? Precursor Orbs. It's like discovering the Ark of the Covenant and God's first words to you are "Hey, look, can I borrow a twenty?".