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Funny: Jackass
  • Let's face it, a lot of the stuff they do is pretty damn funny.
  • "Do you like sex?" "HELL NAW!!!"
  • Parodying the famous Maxell comercial with Ryan Dunn in Jackass 3D. Only instead of a wind machine they place him infront of a jet engine. The drink disappears within seconds but Dunn grabs after it several seconds later only to make a "damn" gesture.
    Ryan: That felt like someone was blowing a fireball right in my face.
    Johnny: You looked like you were getting the hell beat out of you!
    Ryan: You couldn't breathe!
    • And then they start screwing around with it further by throwing things into the wake of the engine; e.g. bags of flour that evaporate, footballs flying at nigh-uncatchable speeds...
  • "Roller Disco Truck", partly for Preston's sadistic glee at driving the truck round the parking lot, but mostly for the cast's sincere attempts to pull some disco-tastic moves while standing on roller skates in an erratically driven truck.
  • From the first movie: "The Burglars". Not so much the concept (two of the guys fall through an office ceiling dressed as burglars), but for that one black guy who jumps from his chair and runs out of the building before they even get up.
  • "The Switcheroo": While April Margera is asleep, Bam has his father leave her side and replace him with a bearded Preston Lacy (like Phil, he's only clad in his underwear). Preston then smothers April in the most obnoxious ways (slinging his whole leg over her, taking up most of the bed) until she wakes up and starts to scold "Phil"...and in the dark senses that something is amiss. She suitably freaks out when she realizes it's not her husband... but then finds it pretty funny afterwards herself.
    April: He felt....shorter!
    • The DVD cast commentary during that scene is pretty funny as well, while they're watching Ape trying to fend off "Phil's" advances:
    Dave: What if it'd gone the other way and she was like, "Oh, yeah, Phil, let's DO IT!"
    Preston: Well, I think we all know Ape would've got fucked that night!
  • "Hi, I'm Brad Pitt and I'm going to be abducted." And in front of a stunned public crowd, Brad Pitt is ganged up on and thrown into a van.
  • It's impossible not to laugh at "High Five!" from the third movie. But the really funny shot is the side view of Bam being knocked backwards like a bowling pin.
  • The "Bicentennial BM Xing" and horse milking scenes in the second movie, which are somehow made ten times funnier by the background music.
  • Humping a shark
  • In "Jackass 3.5" at a special screening for fans the rest of the cast reveal in a video that they've been replacing a portion of Knoxville's medicated face lotion with horse semen, which he's been rubbing on his face, for weeks.
  • "Today's question: is it wrong to be strong? You be the judge."
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