Funny: Igor

  • Scamper's Deadpan Snarker lines:
    • "I'm sorry, I thought we were listing all your failures."
    • "..., Brian." "My name's not Brian!" "Then you must have his jar!"
    • "She must be collecting a club of flowers to beat us with."
    • "What, like this is the first time I've gnawed my own feet off?"
    • "When I finally decided I wanna live."
    • "What's next; piggybacks?"
  • Brain in general:
    • "Bring me back a toy!"
    • The bit with the ribbon.
    • After being called an imbecile: "Oh, parle Italian? Taco grande to me too."
    • "I wanna live forever. I got plans! I got dreams! I got...a squeaky wheel."
    • "Is french fries an idea?"
  • The off-hand way Doctor Schnaudenfreude talks to his Igor.
    S's Igor: Master! I looked inside Dr. Glickenstein's castle and didn't see anyone. But that's not all...
    Schnaudenfreude: Yes it is, because your voice is annoying.
    • The best part is that he stops somebody doing pointless exposition in the funniest way. And really, that was all Schnaudenfreude needed to know.
  • "Get me a tub of eyeliner, a pound of lipstick and, if all else fails, the severed head of a super-model!"
  • Scamper's multiple suicide attempts.
  • The Getting Crap Past the Radar one-sided conversation Brain has with the fly-man.
  • The part right before the orphans go on stage. One little girl has her dress on backwards. Scamper: "What are you, blind?!"
  • Scamper's introduction: "Good evening, frieeeeeends!"